Captain James Cook BY AIDAN WOOD


James cook was born on October 27, 1728 in Marton-in-Cleveland, Yorkshire, England.

This is Yorkshire, England


Captain James Cook sailed from 1768-1779 on 3 expeditions.

Voyages of Captain James Cook


Captain James Cook's reason for exploration was to find new land for his country, and get a paycheck.



Captain James Cook's obstacles were then natives and scurvy. (even though he mostly avoided scurvy due to a vitamin C diet)

watercress, a vegetable that captain cook used to prevent scurvy.


Captain James cook are discovering Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and other areas in the pacific.

Australia and New Zealand

Fun facts about captain cook are

Captain Cook, Hawaii was named after him. It is the place where he died.
Captain Cook confirmed the existence of antartica
Captain cook was also a navigator and a military leader.

Character traits of Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook was more than a captain of a ship. He had an adventurous spirit, which had shown through out his voyages and his discoveries, like new Zealand and Australia. He was also clever, as he prevented scurvy from happening to his crewmates by feeding them watercress and sauerkraut. Now you see that Captain Cook was more than a explorer

February 15, 1779. Yesterday, our beloved captain died in a skirmish with the natives. I am very sad at his loss, as he had kept us away from the frightening scurvy. We might stay here in Hawaii and name a village after him. We also might head back to England, but then we have to report his loss to the kind king. Wait, we might as well stay in Hawaii.

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