The Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum of Art february 19, 2017

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Below is me with the Painting Tokyo Street with Panchinko Parlor II by YvonneJacquette. I have actually seen this painting before in a restaurant called Kogen's from my hometown in Ohio. Although I recognized the painting since this was at a restaurant my family and I frequented often, when I saw it in that restaurant, I didn't see it the same way I saw it in the museum. It was very different seeing it in person because I was able to see how each and every detail that could be a small as a dot made up this giant picture that looked so realistic.

Considering the fact that it reminded me of home, this painting made me feel happy. If I hadn't of seen this painting before, I think it would've made me want to travel. I've been to Chicago, but I didn't go to downtown Chicago at night and I've never seen New York City, which this painting makes me want to go visit! Something I thought about was how busy the streets of big cities can be, and how people can be in such a rush and easily ignore the beauty of where they are. It made me think that I need to always appreciate my surroundings, especially when I travel, and that I should make more time for myself to never rush so I can always do so-which has been brought up before in lecture.

Design of the Museum

I have never been in an art museum before, so this trip was really interesting. I thought it was cool how everything was connected-it was almost like a maze, but every time you entered a new room it was a whole new mood and type of artwork pieces shown. My favorite place in the museum was the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing because of the garden that was directly across from the entrance. Through the glass came in natural lighting contrasting with the dark wood, and the nature outside was so beautiful. This exhibit made me feel very relaxed and close to nature. I included a picture of my favorite piece from this exhibit, The Vessel by OGAWA Machiko. I liked this piece of art because it reminded me of my favorite place, the beach, and the absolutely beautiful stone inside is also my birthstone.

Art and Core Values

I chose this piece of art by George T. Lopez called Raphael because it made me think of one of my core values which is my faith. Right when I saw the cross from a distance, I knew that this was the artwork I was going to use for my core values piece. I also like how in my first photo, you can see the shadow that the cross creates on the surface below the sculpture-I think it's very pretty. This statue represents healing which I believe Christianity does for many through Jesus (or religion in general for people all around the world). I think the sculpture looks strong and graceful with the angel wings present which made me feel passionate and strong myself.

Art and the Good Life

I chose the artwork in the first photo below that I think displays the Good Life for me because of a few reasons. First being the color scheme- I think this pastel yellow is so beautiful and reminds me of happiness and sunshine. It is also of a palm tree, which reminds me of how beautiful nature and the beach is. The simple yet intriguing strokes of green and white contrast against the yellow perfectly! When I think of the good life, I think of something that was discussed towards the beginning of the year in Joel Kupperman's piece where he discussed pleasure vs. true happiness. Everyone in life wants to be happy but may accidentally pursue pleasure instead of everlasting happiness which I can feel by looking at the painting. For me, this painting reminds me that I can find that happiness in this beautiful world if I go outside and seek it. I am always more happy and confident when I'm being active outside which I think plays a huge part in the Good Life. The second photo is a picture by the same artist with the same color scheme, but it is a gator! I included it because it too reminded me of the Good Life, because I think the University of Florida is truly where I, along with many others, will learn more about ourselves than ever before and take a step closer to living the Good Life.

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