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Dangers of coal mining in the present day

The dangers of mining in the present day are risk lung cancer, respiratory disease, coal worker's pneumoconiosis (CWP, aka black lung), and hearing damage. Also the mines can affect near by towns and communities, giving them the same risks but less severe.

Life in rural West Virginia for working/lower class

The people in the lower class feel as though the government have just forgotten about them. The towns of the lower class are just about empty but used to have lots of people. The people tat are living in the working class area have mostly been there all of their life.

Facts about the Foster Care system- A place where people bring children that they can't take care of to, which leads to them being adopted

Pro's-Helping children that need a home, Adoption will take place, People can get children if they physically can't.

Con's-Social workers will lie to you, Behavior issues, Drug babies.



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