Positive police Interaction By Ashley Alvarez

Positive Police Relationships

In the article dated July 15, 2016, It talked about some of the good things that police officers are doing. They are doing these things to get their positive names back in the community. Some officers are On their off days while others are having coffee with people at the local Starbucks. The article also blames Social media for a lot of the negative stories about the policemen. Because the media never tells about the good they do like, they go events such as, parades, city events and city meetings. They do this to promote a better communication with the public.

Negative Police Relationships

According to the article dated June 8, 2015 titled McKinney Pool Party, how some teenagers were having a pool party and they did not have permission to be on that property and the McKinney police officers showed up they were arresting people and the girl that was throwing the party had told the officer in a nice way she said this is not right and the officer grabbed her by the hair threw her on the ground started yelling and even pulling out the gun the girl yelled I wanna call my mom and he ignored

Retired Cheif Brown

Retire Police cheif David Brown was Dallas cheif from 2010 to his retirement in 2016. He served 33 years as an officer of the law.

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