To Be Young Again I have to lie aBout it 🤥

As I get older I just dread looking at myself in the mirror. My health is dwindling my looks are fading. Oh how nice it would be to be young again.

Or at the very least feel young for just a brief moment and to see myself as someone I have missed for a long time. That someone being the younger me.

I could go get one of those good old selfie apps

Go through the Torture of blurring my not so pretty features

While noticing more flaws in my image than I see in the mirror. I think not.

There is a better way to touch up my old self.

Trying to recapture my youth and younger years it seems cartoons bring out a brief sense of childhood feelings and fantasy.

Let's face it (pun) lol, Trying to look in a mirror or selfie and thinking I will see a reminder of being young is a Fantasy to say the least.

So... in light of it all, the cartoon comic book image of me, brings a childhood fantasy into the moment and into the now.

I like the new me 😎 I enjoy this fantasy image of myself.

It may be a lie in some people's eyes to not show my true, mirror, real image of myself , but when has the truth ever been more entertaining than the lie.

So... in hiding 😉... I will present my age in a modern image that mirrors my past when I felt better. This image Lie, as with all lies, is way more entertaining to me and I can stomach it much easier. LOL and speaking of stomachs.... my Avatar... well he has a six pack 😉 ... just like me.

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Todd Sauer


Todd Sauer

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