Artificial Intelligence By: Hanna Fuller

My initial understanding of Artificial Intelligence is that people want robots to help us with everything going on that we don't have time for. My understanding has not changed, I still don't understand the whole use of A.I. machines.

Why is it difficult for humans to trust robots?

It is difficult for humans to trust robots, in my opinion, because robots don't feel. They don't have any remorse for life in general. We don't know what the circumstances are for trusting them.

If I had an Artificial Intelligence machine living in my house I would have it help me and my family. It would help me with my homework if I had a lot, make my bed for me, and help in the kitchen. My robot would also help my mom whenever she works from home, help her to cook dinner whenever she is tired. I would also have my machine run errands for us if we are too busy.

This is what my robot would look like

:I believe my robot should have some Do's and Do Not's. Do: Things when told or asked. Do Not: Associate with my brother when he is being mean to me. Do: help in the kitchen when needed. Do Not: touch stuff without permission. Do: be polite when addressed by someone. Do Not: make me look bad in front of my family.

Against A.I.

  • Loss of humanity. By merging man and machine we would lose our very essence as human beings; our human nature, soul, and identity.
  • Slavery. Since we would have created more superior machines we wouldn't be the smartest entities on this planet, so if robots don't exterminate us, chances are they will enslave us.
  • Comfortability. Humans have a special bond between other humans and living things. We feel more comfortable opening up to people or things that can relate, and nothing can replace it.
  • Artificial Stupidity. Machines can easily be fooled in ways humans can't. If we want to depend on A.I. to bring us into a new understanding of labour, security, and efficiency we need to be able to ensure 100% that these systems can perform as planned.
  • Security. We can't forget that A.I. systems would be created by humans who might be judgmental and cold. Artificial Intelligence machines can cause a ton of damage if used for evil instead of good.

My hopes for the world that has Artificial Intelligence that look and act as humans is to not let it define us. To remember who we are and where we came from.


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