Jack Beckett

Design can be most satisfying when things happen by mistake or without intention. Like a splash of paint which landed in an un intended position which suddenly enhances the meaning or aesthetic, or when placing something in the 'wrong' orientation, this is what excites me about design. These 'accidents' can become the new direction and change the way you feel. I have come to understand the importance of mistakes and embrace them as I feel they have developed me as a designer.

I don’t particularly have one influence, I think it depends on where you are, whether you're in a different country, your bedroom or in an office. I find it is important to take a look at the things around you and think about how your environment can shape your work. The smallest things can influence my ideas and I find it helps when I remove myself from a known location and go elsewhere as inspiration can come from the most unlikely places and situations.

Jessica Harrison

What I enjoy most about design is seeing my ideas turn into professional final outcomes. I love showing people my take on design and learning new skills within each project. My favourite thing is producing mood boards as it starts the vision of the design in my head, making me excited for the final outcome. Within college we went to a trip to Barcelona to take part in a project in which I designed my own app. This trip made me become more confident in my design skills and how to professionally and confidently present my work. It also helped me let go and feel free to make mistakes as this will make you grow as a designer. My strengths are doing my research as I learnt it’s important to know about the history as of a business you are designing for. My strength is also producing realistic and abstract illustrations digitally and by hand using paints and pencils. I am different to other designers because I try to think outside of the box and keep up to date with what’s modern and unique. Before I came to Wigan and Leigh I didn’t know how to use any of the Adobe apps or what graphic design is, now I have learnt so much about the industry, techniques and programs to use. My next step is going on the Graphic Design degree course at Wigan and Leigh. In the future I would love to work for Graphic design industries in London or Manchester gaining experience.

Olivia Rowbotham

I have always had a passion for art from always being exposed to it from a young age, whether it was music or design. My grandad was my main inspiration as he always said ‘you can never make a mistake in art’. This has always stuck with me and has taught me to develop my mistakes into better pieces, no matter what I was making. After attending the D&AD festival last year, my inspiration only grew stronger and made me have a whole different view on design. Listening to so many different professional designers talking about their own experiences opened my mind to exploring different ways you can express your ideas. The main thing I love about art is that there are no limits stopping you from making what you want to create.

Emily Bilksi

Experiencing Barcelona with college in my second year really opened my eyes to opportunities I had never considered due to me thinking they were never an option. I became so inspired in the time I spent there, I think being in that kind of working environment really opened my eyes and showed me things I’d never seen before. D&AD was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with amazing designers. It taught me that design isnt just what you do in college, there is so many different aspects I didn’t know about. During the course I enjoyed the experimenting period of every project the most, being able to use all kinds of media and learn from my mistakes and independently develop my skills. I have never been the best at illustrating and before the course I would never have imagined enjoying it as much as I do now. I find digital drawing to be a strength now, that I would have never considered myself doing previously, it’s evident of my progression throughout the course that my design strategies slowly progressed from doing things by hand to everything now being done digitally as my confidence grew. Compared to other students I think I have a completely different perspective and a big imagination which makes me different from others. I think I gained the most knowledge from working on live briefs and being able to individually contact them, this allows you to see what it’s like if you were to be self-employed and it takes you out of that college setting so you can experience something out of your comfort zone. During my time at college I’ve also learnt about a range of designers and design styles I won’t forget. My next steps are to progress onto the Graphic Design University Course and decide my future career from there.

James Peel

As a designer I like to draw my inspiration from life and the world around me, I like my work to be over exaggerated and bold. I like to explore all aspects of design and I am always optimistic about how I go about doing it in my own way. My strengths are mostly illustrations, I like working in ink and limited colour. My two years on this course has helped me understand what I want out of the design industry and it has helped me develop a style. I’m hoping to be a heavy weight designer or open up a studio in the future and I would like to experience what it is like to work freelance.