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Hi, My name is Benjamin Balle.

I am 14 years of age, and I am currently in my 2nd year of High-School. My passion for photography began when I was scrolling through the National Geographic Website, and I was in love with the pictures and Images that were presented. I was so amazed by the pictures, that I started to do some research. I started by looking for cameras. I was presented with a lot of options that I had no knowledge on, such as DSLR, Point&Shoot, Mirorrless, etc...

I was also shown three major Company's, Canon, Nikon and Sony. Through the research I carried out, It seemed that Canon was leading in the Camera Industry.

I currently use my "Apple iPhone 7" as my main camera. It shoots an impressive "4K 30fps" & "1080 60fps". I also own a GoPro Hero+

I also do some projects on Adobe Photoshop and small video edits using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro

Benjamin Balle

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Benjamin Balle

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