Pregnancy Project Lexi fritzhand, Hannah hull

A girl named Gaby Rodriguez who is a senior in high school, the senior class gets assigned a project where they have to do research and find out a lot about a certain subject.

Setting impacts the memoir because Gaby is doing a school project on how teen pregnancy is a very hard thing to handle. So most of the interaction is with other peers at school and teachers.

connections to book:

-I agree with Gaby on this experiment because this really makes me think about how everybody judges you no matter what.

-For people out in the world, I feel like teachers and students would look at Gaby very weird because she is so young to being a baby. I know I wouldn't look at her with with a smile.

-These ideas in the text are different than the ideas in other books like "The boy with the striped pajamas" because one book is representing a girl who is experimenting on a school project about pregnancy, and the other book representing about the Jews in Concentration camps.

The overall purpose of this book is entertaining, because you get to see everybody's expressions, opinions, and reactions. This book is more explicit because the students reactions are stated clearly.

There are two settings home and school.

Some characters are: Gaby- student who does the fake pregnancy,Juana- Gaby's mom,Trevor Greene- Principle,Julie Valdez- Works with foster care students,Saida- Gaby's best friend, Tony and Fabian- Gaby's brothers

The tone that the author is trying to come across during this story is braveness. Some techniques that were used are colon punch, three-peat, and solo line. Examples: "Gaby grabbed the microphone and said: I am not pregnant.", "For some, yes , it does.", "Lookit, lookit, lookit."

This memoir is relevant to students at SHS by, I think sometimes students make up stories to see other peoples reactions to see if they would get mad or jealous. Also some of these stories students think that it is just for attention and so they start making rumors up. A current event could be that Hillary Clinton had thirty five thousands emails, that she said contained info about her daughters wedding and yoga classes, but really Hillary just leaked info about secrets.

We thought this book was very entertaining and I recommend this book from grade 7th and up. We would rate this memoir four out of five stars.

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