Not In The Guide Book Scotland Unique Experiences In A Extraordinary Country

Scotland is a small country with a big heart. A long history and unique culture. The Scotland of today is a vibrant outward looking nation that welcomes visitors from all around the World each year who arrive as guests and leave as live long friends.

We have searched the high ground and the low ground to come up with 20 distinctly Scottish Experiences that will create memories for life. Enjoy your Scottish Adventure.

Scottish Food And Drink Adventures

1. The Mackerel Run Adventure: In May each year a little know maritime migration happens. The Mackerel start to head on mass up the Firth of Forth right under the grand old nose of Edinburgh city. We jump on a small fishing boat and head out into the Forth for a few hours of fishing which always results in a heavy catch of lean fantastic Mackerel. It is then back to the old port of Leith where we head to a traditional Pub with our catch where it is prepared for us by the landlord. We then have a Real Ale and Mackerel tasting session. This hidden local has over 10 real ales on at anytime.

2. The Whisky Making Adventure: Scotland is the land of whisky and it is produced all over the country. But what distillery to visit? After all there are over 100 distilleries split around five distinct areas of Scotland. We have searched most of them to come up with this unique and very different whisky experience. Your day starts with a 6 mile rafting trip from Aberfeldy to Grandtully in stunning Highland Perthshire where you will experience the landscape that contributes to the making of whisky. You will be rafting on some of the water the the Dewars Distillery has not used in the whisky making process and you pass by the distillery that you will be spending the afternoon in. After a great local lunch it is off to Dewars Distillery for The Blenders Tour.

Take a guided tour of Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery to discover how we make the beautifully balanced single malt at the heart of Dewar’s Scotch. Visit the warehouse to learn more about the angels’ share and our unreasonable commitment to quality – double aging our whisky for a richer smoother flavour. Take part in a multi-sensory tutored session to explore the flavour profiles and whisky regions of Scotland. Use your new found knowledge to create your own personalised blend of Experimental Batch using cask strength single malt and grain whisky. Our Blender’s Tour also includes a taste from the cask in the warehouse and a complimentary glass to take home.Also included is the heritage centre offering a unique insight into founders; John Dewar and his sons Tommy and John Alexander. WHAT’S INCLUDED?

Distillery and warehouse tour, Self guided Heritage Centre experience ,Taste from the cask in the warehouse, Complimentary glass, Multi-sensory tutored session,500ml bottle of your own blend

3. The Island Hideaway Adventure: From one of the most scenic villages in Scotland on the banks of Loch Tay, we meet you in the Kenmore Hotel for a pre dinner drink overlooking the start of the River Tay. Kenmore is where the Scottish Salmon fishing seasons starts every year in January. After pre dinner drinks it is on to a small boat for a cruise around Loch Tay in the early evening and then dinner on a secluded island with great fresh Scottish produce and roaring log fire.

4. Dive for your Dinner Adventure: Scottish Scallops fresh from a west coast sea loch are a favourite in many high end restaurants in Scotland and London. However, how many of those lucky people enjoying these fantastic seafood have had the opportunity to dive and collect their own scallops? We organise training dives and then scallop collecting dives on the West coast of Scotland which are then prepared for us in a excellent local pub over looking the loch.

5. North Coast 500 Adventure: The north coast 500 is a circular road trip in the north of Scotland that takes in some of the very best and most remote landscapes Scotland has to offer. From both driving and cycling this route many times we have discovered many hidden local food pubs and small restaurants where you experience excellent service and stunning fresh food. This adventure is best enjoyed in slow time by cycling or by self drive over a few days.

West Coast of Scotland

Many visitors to Scotland only have a couple of days and although the Highlands of Scotland are stunning and worth a visit it is really hard to do them justice with just a couple of days. However, Scotland is blessed with two international airports right in the centre of Scotland and two fantastic cities in Edinburgh and Glasgow which are just 60 miles apart and are linked by a fast train every 20 minutes. We have multiple city adventures to experience but here is a small selcetion

Edinburgh and Glasgow

1. Edinburgh Photography Adventure: Edinburgh is a stunning city and you should always have a camera with you when wandering around. It is full of historical buildings, stunning views and if course it is dominated by the Castle. For those who want to get the very best photography we have a photography tour that will guide you to the very best vantage points around the city to get the very best opportunity to capture some stunning landscape and portrait photography.

2. Edinburgh Ghosts Adventure: The night begins with a tour of the darker closes and wynds of Edinburgh, before journeying into the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults. Finally, we’ll retire to a candlelit cellar for a dram of whisky and an evening of storytelling. The air filled with cries and taunts, and a crowd of thousands baying for the blood of two men – snatched from their cells, lynched on a dyer’s pole. Take your place as a member of the ‘Edinburgh mob’, which once surged in riot past the Mercat Cross. Hear grisly tales of witchcraft, torture and restless spirits as you venture down medieval closes and descend into the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults. Your cloaked guide will lead you through the dimly lit caverns, filling the night with stories – all of them true. Stories of blood, guts and gore. And a whisky to warm the heart.As night thickens, we’ll gather in Megget’s cellar for a whisky – or a glass of lager or soft drink if you’re not fond of a dram. In the warmth of candlelight, your storyteller will conjure more tales of Edinburgh’s ghoulish past, and the tortured souls that stalk the city’s streets.

3: Edinburgh Whisky Experience Adventure: Edinburgh over the last few years has become a hub of whisky experiences for city visitors to experience without having to travel to Highland Distilleries. We arrange private whisky tasting sessions in great surroundings that enables you to taste and learn about whisky from all over Scotland. After the whisky a great meal and off to a local comedy club to experience the World renowned Scottish humour!

4. Glasgow Music and Gin night: We start the evening off with a couple of hours of Gin tasting in a local Glasgow bar where you will learn all about several of the 200 plus Gins that are now popular in the bars of Glasgow. Afterwards it is off to one of Glasgow's many music pubs to experience a night of music and partying.

5. Glasgow Sport Adventure Weekend: Glasgow is a world renowned sporting city with some of the worlds highest regular attendance figures of people watching sporting events. It is also home to some of the oldest football rivalries in the World. The weekend of Glasgow sport enables you to go white water rafting and river bugging in the morning in Glasgow city centre followed by lunch and then off to watch one of Glasgow's big two football teams Ranges or Celtic. After a night on the town on Sunday we take the short journey from Glasgow to Turnberry to play a round of Golf on one of the open championships best links golf courses

Beach Life Scotland Style

Over the last 20 years Scotland has built a reputation as a World class Adventure destination: Winter and Summer the highlands of Scotland have adventure seekers experiencing mountaineering, skiing, white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, canyoning and many more adventure experiences. We have over 50 different adventure experiences in various locations around Scotland and here is 5 of the more different ones!

Scotland Adventure

1. Scotland Adrenaline Adventure Break: Designed for those that want the very best high adrenaline buzz adventure in a short two day break. Over the two days you will white water rafting one of Scotland's best rivers, experience the crazy sport of River Bugging that we inherited from the Kiwis's, find yourself in a deep Scottish canyon on the end of a rope and finish the break off by jumping off a bridge . Yes we attach the bungee to you first. Scotland has the highest fixed bungee jump in the UK.

2. Scotland Munro Adventure: Scotland is home to 282 Munro's . These are mountains that are over 3000 feet in height. That may not sound very high but most Scottish mountain treks start from close to seas level so they should not be taken lightly. Also we have the famous Scottish weather to deal with which we see as a positive as you can experience four seasons in one day. We can design a one day to seven day mountain experience and everything in between. It is possible to stay in Edinburgh get out to Perthshire do a Munro and get back to Edinburgh in a day. To really experience the mountains we recommend staying in the highlands for a few days.

3. Scotland By Bike Adventure: Over the last decade Scotland has become a world class mountain biking destination with several World championships being held here each year. We design bike tours ranging from city experiences, to beach rides on fat bikes to mountain bike experiences in the wilds. The best way to really experience any destination is to travel slowly and meet and speak to the people. We design all our bike tours to ensure you get the very best experience.

4. Blown Away By Scotland Adventure: On Stunning St Andrews beach in front of the Old Course and the home of golf what not take advantage of the wind coming in from the North Sea and race across the beach and experience Land yachting. This high adrenaline activity is a unique Scottish experience which can be combined with a round of golf on the world's most famous golf course.

5. Island Kayak Adventure: One of the very best ways to experience the stunning west coast of Scotland is by sea kayak. We can tailor these trips to one or several days. You will get to experience stunning landscapes that you can only reach by sea kayak and also see some of Scotland's abundant wildlife. We will lunch on the beach experiencing some great west coast sea food.

Scotland is a internationally renowned wildlife destination. Each season is distinct and presents the visitor with different options to view the wildlife. We have a range of wildlife experience options all over Scotland from one to several days.

Scotland Wildlife Adventure

1. Scotland Wildlife Photography Adventure: This is a tailored made wildlife photography experience. You tell us how long you have got and what wildlife you would like to get the chance to take photography of and we will design a day or a break that will give you the very best chance to capture some of Scotland's best birdlife or wild animals. Our photography guide Stewart who is always out and about in Scotland has also photographed wildlife and all around the World. You can see examples at

2. Scotland Basking Shark Adventure: The Basking shark is huge and from April to October each year on the west coast of Scotland we can arrange for boat tours to see these huge fish in action or for the more adventurous we can arrange from snorkelling dives to swim with the basking sharks. This is a truly unique wildlife experience.

3. Cairngorm Bird Watching Adventure: If you'd like a guide for a day or two of wildlife watching in the Cairngorms National Park and beyond, you've come to the right place. Days out can be tailored to give you the best chance of catching up with Capercaillie, Ptarmigan, Scottish Crossbill, Golden Eagle, Red Squirrel, Pine Marten, Black Grouse and much more.

4. West Coast Of Scotland Wildlife Adventure: The Daytime Tour. This is a 3-hour, 4×4 tour, which is tailored around our guests, and their specific interests to ensure you have the best day out possible. A standard tour is from 10am until 1pm. On this tour, we hope to see animals and birds such as the golden and sea eagle, red, fallow and roe deer and birds including kestrels, hen harrier and merlin. We place a minimum group size of 2 people with a maximum of 6 people to ensure that your needs and requirements are met with our skilled guides and ensure you have the best day out possible.

The Twilight Tour. This is a 3-hour, 4×4 tour tailored around our guests and their specific interests. A standard tour usually commences around 7pm until 10pm but this is dependent on the time of year. On this tour we hope to see roe and fallow deer, otters, pine martens and badgers. We place a minimum group size of 2 people with a maximum of 6 people to ensure that your needs and requirements are met with our skilled guides and also to ensure you have the best day out possible.

Night Time Tours. This 4-hour tour takes you out at night with the aid of thermal imagery or night vision equipment in the hope of encountering species such as pine marten, red Fox, badger, owl, bats, roe and red deer. However, the true encounter that we hope to seek is the Scottish Wildcat – Scotland’s Highland Tiger! This experience is restricted to children over 10 years of age and adults. We use thermal imagery and infrared to prevent unnecessary disturbance in one of it’s last strongholds. We place a minimum group size of 3 people with a maximum of 6 people to ensure that you have the best time possible. This tour is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

5. Sea Eagle and Golden Eagle Adventure: Rare British opportunity to see both White-tailed & Golden Eagles on the same island. The isle of Mull is a wildlife haven and this tour will let you experience two of the most stunning birds in Scotland as well as stunning wild landscapes

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