The Amazing White Lion By:Zaara

The White Lion lives in the Savanna Biome in Africa. Africa is a place where it is grassy and dry. It usually lives in caves and sometimes sleep all day out in the sun. The climate it prefers is hot and sunny.
White Lion's are carnivores which are animals who eat meat. They eat other animals such as deer ,gazelles ,zebras , buffaloes, wild rabbits and tortoise. They are good at hunting and sneaking up on their prey.
White Lion eating it's prey.
White Lions get water from the rivers or streams. Most White Lions drink water daily if available. But they can go 4 or 5 days without it.
White Lion drinking water


Created with images by geraldfriedrich2 - "lion white lion big cat" • Richard Walker Photography - "Cumbrian Savanna" • freedom-studios - "White Lions Lunch" • RobBixbyPhotography - "JaxZoo_10-21-15-9228"

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