Common ground neighborhood networks is local people working locally to build community.

The common ground we all share is food, which can be grown. Our mission is to grow more food than we need and share it with our neighbors. Share food preservation, gardening, and seed keeping techniques. We can learn from each other because everyone has something to share. We can get to know our neighbors and share with our neighbors. Now more than ever everyone must pull together in this time of crisis to deliver food and supplies to those who are sick and quarantined. To check in on the ones we know are anxious. To spread hope that things will return to an even better place than they were before.

What we ask is that someone from every block take this on as a block steward. We ask that no doors are knocked on for safety sake during this crisis but that flyers with the stewards contact information are distributed WITHOUT CONTACT!

Using our electronic tools such as email, social media (Facebook and next door), Skype, and telephone/text we can insure safe contact.

First and foremost stewards are expected to determine who on their block may be in the the high risk category and establish support for them. Second, stewards should assess the food production capabilities of the block. Do you already have gardeners? Do you have plots that neighbors would be willing to share for others? Are there neighbors experienced in food preservation, gardening, and seed keeping? Do you need help from other stewards starting this from the ground up?

Together we can safely build strong neighborhoods on food... our common ground.

Your neighbor

Luke Ray


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