Constitution is the solution

Whe should have the stead ratify the constitution because it's federal system of government, which allow to divide strong national government shared power and with the states. Which allow people to have there rights and a strong central governmenty

It's a good idea to convince states that the should ratify the constitution because they could create a national government that was strong enough to unite the quarreling states into a single republic. Which some people look at this as a bad thing but if you think about it it will combined all quarreling state into a republic. This means that the sites will have good great sources and will be more safe.

People might think that the constitution will give there government more power which fear them to taking away there rights. But to prove this wrong the powers were divided in three branches so that no one branch could become too powerful. Which indicates that no government will have a lot of power because it is divided in three branches and all those branches have the same power.

This is why I think the constitution is a good thing so the sites could ratify the constitution.

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