Hitler, is a brown haired, brown eyed, short dude, who basically wanted to exterminate everyone physically similar to him. LOGIC. He was also the leader of the Nazi Party, Germany, and is probably what comes to your mind when someone says "evil". Not to mention, he was basically a drug addict.


Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, on April 20th, 1886. His parents were Alois Hitler, and Klara Polzl. Growing up he struggled to deal with his emotional abusive father, who didn't approve of his love of the fine arts. After his father died he dropped out of school. When his mom died he was in and out of homeless shelters, and was rejected from art schools. He was making money by selling postcards. He also received the Iron Cross First class, and the Black Wound Badge, in World War I.


When Hitler was Chancellor of Germany he convinced A LOT of people that the Jewish people were to blame for every thing. In debt? Because of the Jews. Your dog ran away? Because of the Jews. As crazy as it may seem, people still chose to believe him. He was very persuasive, and the people of Germany didn't really know how bad the situation was. They were simply following their leaders orders. This later led obviously, to the Holocaust, and World War II.

To be honest Hitler was smart about this, frankly, idiotic plan to wipe out everyone not the Aryan race. He convinced people that he was right, promised them things, and started becoming almost a role model for children. Children are the future, and he wanted this to last long after him.

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