Gun Control By A. Damron

The media has a very distinct view on gun control, but then changes it quickly. Gun control is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly or changed.

Some states require a background check as a test in order to receive a carrying license, like Nevada and Maine. Organizations like the National Rifle Association disapprove of these laws. States like California do not want any kind or form of carrying, but the people have a Constitutional right to be in possession of multiple guns.

The media says that having guns is bad, but the second that someone is threatening them, they get mad that no one defended them with a weapon. Sounds hypocritical, doesn't it?

The media jokes about people being shot but, when other people joke about being shot or shooting someone, the media gets mad at them. A Tweet from Robert Clemons says "@MaxBlumenthal @RaninKhalek BOTH OF YOU A**HOLES NEED TO BE SHOT DEAD. DO ALL A FAVOR." Again, hypocritical right?

The wife of Chris Kyle; Taya Kyle, had made her opinion about gun control on, saying "gun control won't protect us." Taya used the arguments of the shootings in the past.

If guns were to be made illegal, there would be a lot of people who would get arrested. Federal and local jails are complaining about not having enough space for the incoming prisoners (, so we should not make guns illegal.

Guns are one of the few things that we cannot have full control over. Shootings are very common here, unfortunately, but we would have more people getting arrested; the gun seller, shooter, and other people involved in the shooting. For those people, it would take the prisons to full capacity.


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