Tool Time By olivia pflugfelder

Some animals use tools to get something to eat or protect themselves from getting hurt. Like the dolphin used a sponge to protect its mouth.

Another animal uses tools on land too. Like the chimp it got a piece of grass and stuck it down a termite whole so it can eat.

And animals can also use underwater tools. Like an octopus it puts shells on either side of its body.

Tools sometimes help animals solve problems too.

A chimp using a tool to eat food!!!

Animals that use tools to eat. A capuchin monkey a palm nut on a log. The monkey reaches for a large rock. The monkey brings the rock down on top of the nut. The nut bounces off the log and rolls away.

The monkey tries again. Over and over again, the monkey hits the nut. At last the nut cracks open. The monkey grabs it and scampers up the nearest tree to eat it. The monkey turned a simple rock into a tool.

Animals that use tools to eat. The Galapagos woodpecker finch is a good example. It eats small insects that dig into the wood. Yet its beak can’t always squeeze into the small spaces where these small insects live. So the finch turns a cactus spine into a spear. Now it can reach its prey by using a tool.

In conclusion. Animals use tools to get food, protect themselves, and solve problems. Now you can solve problems by using your tools!!!


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