When you can't talk face to face you're going to need to engage with people in a different way

You've probably heard this one before. But web research shows that your home page has around 3 seconds to grab your visitor's attention before they move on.

Probably to the website of one of your competitors.

How will you stop them leaving? And who’s going to help you do that?

Putting a website together these days is physically fairly simple. You can rent cheap webspace and get free web building tools from loads of hosting companies. But there’ll be little help from them in terms of the content you’ll need to create for your website.

Getting your site to actually bring in the enquiries is going to be a lot more difficult than just creating it.

Getting the attention of an online audience is increasingly challenging. They spend hours on smartphones on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Pinterest to name a few. Even more hours on brand name mega-websites. And even more being bombarded by high quality marketing messages.

It’s going to be tough to compete for their eyeballs and even tougher to get them to read your content

But grab the attention of your visitor right from the off and make them interested enough to "hear your story" then you’ll have connected with them on an emotional level.

Use your story to create the engaging content that will make your visitors want to stick around to hear more .....

What you ‘say’, most importantly how you say it and what images you use is going to be crucial to your success.

Oh no!

You reckon that you’re not very good at that sort of thing?

That’s OK, that's where I can help.

My job was to help people tell their stories to their customers in a way that would engage with them

I did 30 years in Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Corporate Relations and Internal Communications. Creating engaging content and selecting engaging images was central to all of my work.

I wrote advertising copy, crafted marketing messages, designed exhibition stands, managed advertising and DM campaigns, helped launch Brands, created management presentations, edited internal magazines, scripted, produced and directed live B2B customer communications events and produced a fair number of corporate videos.

And on a few occasions I ran marketing projects that were described by some senior people at the time as ‘a bit off the wall’ and rather scary.

Then I retired.

I’d decided that I’d be quite happy to let younger guys enjoy the 16 hour days. And by then we’d created a web development company doing back office software for the conference industry which kept me nicely busy but without the stress.

But when we also finally retired from that I wanted to share some of the stuff I had learned. So I started Mentoring.

Just a few small young businesses and a community-based project that needed a bit of a helping hand to tell their prospective clients about what they were offering. These were people who realised that they were way out of their comfort zones and were not too proud to ask for help.

So far it’s worked out great. They’ve seen things work much better and, frankly, I really enjoyed helping them out.

“So what’s the catch?” I hear you say.

I can guess what’s on your mind.

You’re thinking "… ahhh I get what this is about, he sucks me in and then once he’s got me hooked he’ll want to charge me loads to build me a website".

Not at all. The thing is, there’s thousands of young web designers out there who would be more than willing to ‘design’ a basic website for you for not a lot of money. And a lot of gifted amateurs who are perfectly capable of putting an online presence together for you.

But how many of them will have the marketing background to help you create the engaging content that might make your website work a lot harder for you?

So your website may end up with lots of catchy, trendy glitter ... but it may not be solid gold.

So here’s what I’ll do for you.

I’ll help you to work out how to ‘talk’ to the people visiting your site in a way that will engage them in what you have to offer. And then I’ll help you work out a content structure that might work for you.

And if it's something that I'm interested in or it'll help out someone who's trying to help others then I’ll most likely do that for free. And the same goes for helping you to build your website.

But if you want to then take the content away and build it all yourself or use it to brief a designer or agency to do the website build then that’s entirely up to you. I really don’t mind. And I’ll usually be able to help you out if you get stuck.

That’s what Mentoring is all about.

OK, so there you go, I’ve got you to stay for more than 3 seconds. Are you interested enough to carry on?

Maybe you’re a voluntary organisation trying to help others or maybe you’re running a small charity?

Maybe you’re setting up a small community-based project and you don’t have much in the way of funds?

Maybe you're trying to get a great idea off the ground and kickstart a small business?

Get in touch. Tell me about yourself. Let's see if I can help.

Email me at enquiries@engagingemotions.co.uk

Remember! What you ‘say’, how you say it and what images you use is going to be way more important than how ‘wizzy’ your website looks.

How ironic then that I've put this together using Adobe Slate/Spark. But hey, I just wanted to have a play around with it! That's my excuse.

John Simpson

Online Engagement Consultant

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