Ecstasy/MDMA/Molly by Jacob gibilisco

This story is about a person named George. George is a 21 year old man who recently dropped out of college. He lives in Miami, Florida. He has no set job but he sells things here and there to keep some cash. George is addicted to Ecstasy which is a hallucinogen which is MDMA mixed most of the time with amphetamines. George first tried the drug in college at a party one night, George was pretty drunk and a little high and some one told him he should try Molly and told him it was "the purest in Florida". His judgement was already impaired from the alcohol so he thought nothing of taking the tablet. Later that night he started to get bad headaches and stomach aches. A few weeks later he was with his friend before they went to another party and his friend told him he wanted to go pick up some molly and George told him about his experience and his friend told him that what he was given wasn't very good. So him and his friend went picked up some more and went to the party again George was drunk and had done Xanax with someone already so when his friend gave him the ecstasy they just bought he did it like it was a prescription you take in the morning. George had now experienced a new high he had energy, he was extremely social, and got really in to the music. Throughout the next year George went to more parties and did a lot more molly and it became a normal thing, he even used it to stay up all night with his friend or trying to cram for test. What he didn't know was that the drug was giving him a small amount of memory loss so he ended up forgetting things he studied, things he did or took at parties, and most of all his classes. Some nights the molly gave him muscle cramps, chills, sweats, his teeth started to wearing down, and some nights his vision became extremely blurry.

After his long year of partying, using drugs, and missing classes he started to lose sleep and not being able to learn what he was being taught. For a month his money started to run a little low so he wasn't able to do molly so he started to buy heroin and he would take some for his self and would sell the rest until his money was back where he needed it to be. He became very dependent on the heroin until his friends weened him off of it with suboxone but leaving the opiod didn't stop his molly addiction. Next he realized that he wouldn't be able to keep going to school and do molly so he dropped out. At this point his parents called him for the first time in a while asking him about his school and what was happening he ended up telling them off and moved in to his friends off campus apartment. George started to become really depressed and his anxiety sky rocketed. Now George was stuck in a small apartment with no money no family and all his friends that didn't write him off only care about partying and doing drugs. George started to snort molly in his friend living room every morning to get him through the day. One day a cop got a tip off about his friend selling drugs from his apartment which he was (He sold pill like Xanax, Percs, etc..). The police knocked on the door one after noon George was on molly to kids in the bedroom where smoking after taking bumps of cocaine and his friend who rented the apartment was in the kitchen counting money. The police kept knocking and while everyone was trying to hide what they had the cops knocked the door down and everyone was arrested. George was lucky because his bag of ecstasy in the kitchen with his friend so he just spent a few nights in jail but for his friend he had an extra 5 years for possession of less than 10 grams of MDMA. Now George is left on the streets going through withdraws and money less wishing that, that he didn't try it again.


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