Chinua Achebe


Chinua in most of his writings is concise, he gets straight to the point and doesn't adds lot in his backgrounds. He does this even in a chaotic west Africa where most people don't get straight to the point.

Story plot

In the story, the main character Michael obi is is put in charge of a school in Europe. Obi wants to get rid of all of the tradition in the school and wants everything to be as he says. One major conflict would be the path through the school ground which he wants guarded with bar wire. The priest says that it is for the people to get tot the cemetery and it has been a tradition for years. Obi refuses to accept this and orders the bar wire to be installed. By him doing this he completely disregards tradition. Obi should have try to work with the village people if he wanted changes, but being s dictator did not work out for him.

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