Revolution Project Syrian Civil War

In the Syrian Civil War a lot of harsh things happened like violence and killings. A lot of people did not agree with the person in charge. A lot of things got torn down from this war, like houses, and stores. Since researching this project I now know how serious a revolution is. It can be a scary thing to do through and in the end it might not be resolved.

Incubation Stage: Things that started this revolution was Hafel Al-Assad's death. He was strict, controlled over the rights of people through the army and the emergency laws. The people complained of lack of democracy, human rights violations, and the amount of corruption within the Ba'ath party. People complained about a lack of jobs available, but nobody heard them. People were very upset because they couldn't work to get the things they need like food. On June 10, 2000, Bashar Al-Asaad became president with no opposition party, and has been ruling since.

Systematic Stage: When Bashar Al-Asaad was first elected, he made people believe that he could be better than his father. People use Internet Cafes, where it's their main source of internet, and he tracked how much people used it. He picked only a few select rich that were very good to him, they grew richer and the middle class got very poor. An article states that "The first large scale demonstration began in the Syrian city of Deraa on March 15. 2011 also called 'The Day of Rage'. It started after 15 teenagers had been arrested, and possibly tortured, for writing graffiti calling for the resignation of Asaad." After this happened, there was violence, shootings, and even death. The soldiers would shoot people who they didn't agree with. Many people were shocked and angry at the government, the word got around the world very fast.

Picture of the graffiti.

Crisis Stage: Violence continued in many major cities like Homs, Baniyas, Tafas, Talkalakh, and especially Hama, where the major of fighting was going on. Throughout January to June of 2012, both protestor and government violence escalated as hundreds of thousands of Syrians repeatedly took to the streets and were faced by bullets from security forces. It seemed that the more violently the Syrian Army responded, the more the protestors fought back. The FSA claim responsibility for bombings in Damascus, killing the defence minister and his deputy. This is a major victory for the FSA. By January 2013, a defiant Asaad still blames "murderous terrorists" for all the violence and has refused to step down or stop the violence until every one of these terrorists were dead.

Convalescence Stage: On August 30, 2013, USA President Barack Obama said he has decided that the US should take military action in response to the chemical attack, but he decided to seek congress authorization. Surprisingly, 76% of the American public didn't want to go to war with Syria, so President Obama was faced with a dilemma. Currently, chemical weapons are being destroyed by UN inspectors as we speak. An international conference that is for the end of Syria’s civil war to end is planned for November 23. This is the date for now but the date has not been finalized. The USA and Russia have been planning for months to help Syria, and help stop. Even now, it still remains unclear is either side of the conflict will be willing to talk about the conflict. It’s the third year of the conflict and both sides are in a deadlock. The blood hasn't stopped yet.

Modern Revolution and Historic Revolution: The Syrian Civil War and the English Civil War had somethings alike and some where different. A thing that was alike was that they both got nicknames for the war. They both started fighting and they both had protests, and violence. But the biggest difference between the English Civil War and the Syrian Civil War is that the English war ended and the Syrian war is still going to this day. But in the end hopefully the Syrian war will stop and make laws so it will never happen again just like the English Civil War.


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