In Real Life Book Review By: Micah, MMS

Bang! The school doors slammed as Joey left the school. Joey wasn’t feeling well that day. Joey pondered how he would finish high school.

In Joey Graceffa’s autobiography In Real Life, Joey wanted to be not bullied at his school, but nobody liked him. So he tries to stand up for himself by starting a YouTube channel. Then lots of people started to like him and started to be nice to him and made him feel happy.

But still my favorite part would have to be when Joey has to decide whether to go to college or continue YouTube as a full time job. This part was my favorite part because it was a very suspenseful moment in the book, so it was exciting to find out his choice. I also liked this because Joey had some of the same feelings as me, and that’s also why this moment mattered to me.

With all that being said, I think the life lesson being taught in this book is that it doesn’t matter where you start it matters where you end up. I think this was showed in the book because Joey accidentally ate paint chips and that made him have a learning disability but he still ends up “YouTube famous”.

With all that being said I think the book’s greatest value was that it gave lots of facts about Joey that his fans might not know. That is the greatest value because giving fans new facts about is that his fans get to know him better so he doesn’t seem like a random 20 year old on the internet. This is also good because Joey can keep his fans interested on his YouTube channel.

People that love suspense will definitely love this book. It is such a page turner you”ll never want to stop reading! For example Joey walked into his house ready to tell his mom something important. “I’ve chosen my job to be...”


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