Online Reputation by jake blevins

whats your reputation online? good? bad? weird? ugly? What ever it may be you should make it to be what YOU want and no one else. it is your job to make your online life as close to what you want it to be. with this in mind you can also lose all your hard wok in a matter of minutes. you build up your reputation over a long time.

There are many ways you can change it. make it better or worse. by not doing some things but also doing things that would make you com across as a better person. also makes you look smart and or more mature or what ever image you want to portray to others.

what you say and post online is and will be used in ways you may or may NOT like. be careful of what you say and who its to you never know who is watching you do these things. most coaches and reciters request if they can fallow you on any and all social media you may have. almost all teams , coaches and organisations have some or all kinds of social media. that which they will be able to see you and what you post on any kind of media. not type of media is so called "private" or you and select others.

these kinds of stats just prove my point more. every thing you do online has a effect it may be positive or negative. in some cases like i showed above not everything is a good idea, as these people lost things they really truly needed tom live. you never know whom is watching you and when they are. its best to just be safe at all times.

This quote really hits home on this topic. This really shows you what its actually like for us online. The internet is a very dangerous place to express yourself. with all of it easy access and 24/7 access means we can say whatever we want to who ever we want whenever we want to say it. you have to build up you tower of good reputation from a early stage. from then on you must protect it from being knocked over but dumb ideas and things to do. once its down its really hard to bring it back up.

online they have reasons why they don't have dislike buttons. this make people less likely to use them if they are not there tom use.....obviously. but it dose provoke action by you if it really makes you that mad. it may force you to make a dumb a dumb thing that you will regret later on. this happens all the time with young inexperienced kids.

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