About Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a massive storm that hit the Gulf coast including Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. People were warned before the hurricane to evacuate, however, many people did not because they believed they could wait out the storm which at first didn't appear as strong as it became. They did not know that almost 2,000 people would die and that there would be more than 100 billion dollars of damage.

A hurricane begins out in oceans near the equator. Warm water is usually where hurricanes will be formed. That water is evaporated and rises while winds force warm, moist air upward forming clouds. Winds coming from elsewhere turn and push it to let it get stronger.

Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama which made them get the full power of the storm first. This category 5 storm had winds up to 100-140 miles an hour. This storm tore pieces of buildings off and flooded miles and miles of land. This destruction caused many people to lose their homes and lives. The 1,833 people most likely weren't prepared or just didn't make it out in time. Many plants were destroyed, as well, because the high winds and salt water from the ocean flooded and killed plants near the coastline.

Eventually people started to rebuild and drain the water. The levee in New Orleans, which collapsed during the storm was quickly repaired. Flowers and grass began to grow again. Maybe 30 years later some trees might reappear.

I chose this because I wanted to learn more about these great storms, specifically this one being the 3rd most destructive hurricane in the world.


Created with images by tpsdave - "new orleans louisiana after hurricane katrina" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hurricane Katrina Arrives" • Loco Steve - "Hurricane Katrina photos" • NashC81 - "Na'wlins 032"

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