National Tour and Lead up to New Zealand April 2017

Hi again from an amazingly mild Melbourne! We are having the most fantastic Indian Summer, though today it is a bit cooler after some overnight rain.

Yesterday we attended the Melbourne edition of the most recent Prosperity of Life national tour. As usual it was a fantastic few hours and we want to share the highlights with you. Nate and I cannot state enough how important it is to GET to LIVE EVENTS. Do whatever it takes if you are serious about creating success in this business. I am sorry that those on our team from far away couldn’t make the second national tour in Australia. I know that some were able to direct Australian leads to their respective tour. And that was a great effort.

Although Shane was in Hawaii preparing for Sovereignty Live in May to be held in just a few weeks time in Auckland NZ, it was UNREAL to be amongst Rachel and the people who do the same thing as you and me, as well as be in the presence of the Leadership of POL.

I wanted to write to you all to give to you what we were able to receive from Rachel, Leanne, Alison and Adam, who talked to all Associates after the business presentation.

Adam Bude sharing his thoughts on Lead Generation

Adam, who as you know from the live calls is a $100,000 Club member, was all over the fact that to achieve success in Prosperity of Life we need to GET CLEAR on the WHY we, at some point, allowed ourself to see the bigger perspective. WHY did we invest money and time into this business in the first place? What was it that we believe this business can do for us? It is important to keep reminding ourselves about the WHY and commit to it. The rest will take care of itself.

Adam’s questions to us were:

1. How bad to you really want to succeed? 2. What happens if you do succeed? 3. What happens if you don't succeed?

His suggestion is to journal these answers. Think it through again and then get inspired by your own vision.

I find this to be true of life in general. Your own success depends on what is going on between your ears. This is why it is expected that you fall in love with the product (your own personal development) and in turn, this business will then fall in love with you.


Adam spoke in a humorous way about how he used to get pissed off at Pauline O’Halloran from our leadership group who would always state that "you are not in business until you are working a 3 plan consistently." Adam remembered thinking, "that’s bullshit!! I AM in business, I’m marketing and prospecting...but not to a 3 plan."

Until he was working a 3 plan consistently, money didn’t started flowing into his bank account and his doubt and disbelief were doing the talking, rather than the compensation plan.

He told us, as Rachel also kept telling us, let the compensation plan work FOR you. Don’t make it harder than it has to be by letting your 'stinking thinking' get in the way of the magical compensation plan that will absolutely serve you, if you serve it.

He also spent a bit of time on getting to the bottom line on getting real with what vibe we put out in our ads, suggesting that we take a good look at whether we were marketing from a place of resentment, victimhood and hassle rather than from a place of empowerment and non-attached ease.

He again reminded us that we get paid to do two things only: market and grow. It’s that simple. He super-stressed that HOW we were feeling about what we were writing and speaking impacted greatly on who we are being and what energy we were sending out into the world and who we would then attract…or not attract.

One of his key messages was WHO are you being? This is what is affects your success or your lack of it in this business. This business requires guts, courage and confront. We all have to confront our own shit. This is an ongoing process (so we all need to get used to it!) and if you want to open out into true abundance it is essential.

The proper order of success.

In the 80’s, business was about doing having being……THIS business is about BEING the person you want to be, DOING what that person would do and then HAVING what that person will have. An entirely different mindset, model and consciousness.

Allison Wheeler talks about prospecting

Alison came on board next speaking about Prospecting. She re-emphasized that you cannot make a success of this business unless you treat it seriously, in the same manner that you would be serious when you are answering to a “boss” in a regular job/worker scenario.

If you are having trouble stepping up and owning the responsibility of working with diligence and integrity as the CEO of your own business, then “employ” yourself to get the job done. Stop deluding yourself and put the commitment in that you would for a “boss” in the old system (that apparently we all want to escape from…)

It was challenging to self reflect and understand that if I am behaving in a manner that does not produce the results that I want that it is ME that is underperforming….not some other external cause (the reasoning used in a regular job appraisal system). Do your OWN appraisal on your OWN performance around your KPI’s for the business. Become accountable and committed to being serious about getting the result that you want, instead of pretending to. Look at what belief is really underpinning your actions. Is it disbelief? Is it not being worthy of success? Is it a fear of who you will become or a disbelief around a perception of what you might have to lose if you become successful? Will you 'belong' if you are successful?

Her three step advice about successful prospecting are:

1. Be in the right frame of mind to prospect. Don’t call people when in the back of your mind your are secretly wanting them to not show up or because you can’t be bothered with it today!!! If you were in a paid job as an employee, how would you show up to do your job to impress your “boss”…even if you didn’t like your job, you would still have enough in you to keep your professional integrity and succeed anyway. Be in your Higher self when you prospect. Use whatever method you do to achieve that. If you are doing your Masters of Destiny (M1) this is a great course to guide you on how get on top of this. Take a walk to get your mind clear. Listen to some music. Move your body. Whatever it takes to get you feel in a better vibration.

2. Ask the questions that intuitively come up in your mind that might not be in the script. After a prospecting call is finished, you do not want to be sledging the prospect or yourself because you simply didn’t have the guts or courage to ask the hard questions (and disqualify or delete). Identifying the underlying fear you have of being the one in charge is important. As is OWNING that YOU are the boss and with that comes a level of authority, integrity and right to select the right candidates (just as in a regular job).

3. After a difficult prospecting call, ask yourself WHO has the power? The prospect or you? A prospect can smell/sense your fear, or your desperation from a mile away and they WILL NOT want to engage in something that seems or feels not quite right. In order for success to come your way and for prospects to be attracted to your ad you have to OWN yourself in this business. Not be half-arsed in and out. You will set yourself up to fail if this is the case. If someone is a jerk to you, take a deep breath, cry, or whatever but then get over it and get back to prospecting.

Alison's pearls of wisdom

Always increase your prospecting levels by compressing time. In other words, talk to more people rather than fewer.

Fall in love with the products by doing your personal development consistently-which means confronting your own shit.

Understand and appreciate the the industry of network marketing. Read the following books: The Greatest Network Marketer in the World (John Milton Fogg); Dare to Dream and Work to Win (Dr. Tom Barrett); Go for No (Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton) and any book by Robert Kiyosaki. The Network Marketing industry is the single greatest producer of millionaires in the world. Yes, it is non-traditional but so too are the profits. Arm yourself with knowledge about the industry we are promoting.

Get to the live events. Do whatever it takes to get there. This is where the magic happens.

Leanne Bartlett

Leanne was next up and talked about duplication which means the income that is derived when you build your own team, and your team builds theirs.

This means, as per the compensation plan, each person that enters your team without any further marketing effort on your behalf will almost always upgrade to a higher level of personal development purchase. 1 in 4 will rise to the M8 level (up to USD 30,000 dollar conversations depending on what whether they purchase everything from the start or upgrade as they go along).

There is also residual income where your team members will repeat purchase the two live events yearly and if you had 10 people repeat purchasing the live event every year that would add USD130,000 residual income without any added effort of marketing.

She said it’s a great feeling when you lead from the front and take responsibility for being the example. Jumping out on our daily training calls, going to the live events and watching members of your team step up into their own personal and business leadership realm. When your team members duplicate what you are also doing it is way more fun. The key is to NOT look back but to look forward with blinkers on. Want what you want. You only need 2 people to become M8 in a month and you are looking at a USD50K profit month.

Rachel wraps it up.

Rachel passionately reminded us that it is up to our own selves to take the responsibility about creating success. POL can’t do it for you. Only YOU can get yourself in the right mindset but when you do the system will 100% support you. Rach kept reminding us of how it was for her in this business when she started and she remembers the frustration and not getting the result when she wanted it. THEN she had a few breakthroughs in her own mindset and beliefs and from month 7 she hit USD100,00 monthly (never ever going below that). The single most important success factor in her success was simply 'I wanted it so bloody badly.'

A Sensational Lives Update

In the last couple of months we have gone through a difficult patch in our business. We made a business decision which though we imagined would really move us forward, in fact, nearly stalled all the momentum we had. It has not been pretty and we've had to confront our shit--again!--and reexamine our WHY. Just like the leaders have reminded us.

We've also learned in a very real way (again!) that this business is all about vibration. Our vibration dictates the level and kind of success we experience. But even though we've been challenged we are also more convinced than ever that Prosperity of Life is the right business for us to achieve what we want in terms of financial freedom and personal growth.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Auckland next month!

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