The Florida Museum of Natural History Brendan White

The day at the Florida Museum of Natural History was a great one. We stepped out of our comfort zones and experienced and learned new things that we don't learn everyday.

I really enjoyed the butterfly exhibit as it was amazing to see all the different butterflies and their beautiful patterns. It was great to see all the plants and trees in the exhibit as well as all that the museum does for the butterflies. One other aspect, that I liked was seeing the joy that the butterfly exhibit brought to those visiting, especially the younger children. What I learned was all the care that goes into the butterfly exhibit. the butterflies were fed certain things, couldn't leave, and were in places that one would never expect. Visitors even have to watch their step and get checked before exiting as the butterflies are so unpredictable in where they land.

The visitors of the museum were able to experience nature in ways that Leopold would have wanted by loving, respecting, and admiring nature. The museum provided visitors with a hands-on experience as they had the butterfly exhibit where visitors could interact with many different living butterflies. The museum also offered visitors the chance to learn about the history of nature around us. I appreciated nature more when I started interacting with the butterflies and when I saw the history of other parts of nature and how they've changed. One exhibit showed the evolution of the sharks' jaws and teeth. the beauty and history behind the nature makes me personally feel responsible as if we should take care of nature more and have a greater respect for all living things.

In our everyday lives, we don't come across nature that often and with the advancements in technology, we stray further and further away. We are always occupied by our phones, computers, and televisions. The museum helps visitors connect with nature again and really opens our eyes to the beautiful and amazing world that is all around us. It gives us a sense of appreciation as well as responsibility. The museum is also humbling as you see all the magnificent and great creatures. We witness the evolutions in nature around us and all the beauty that is in nature. Everything I witnessed gave me a sense of something deeper and understanding the vastness of nature.

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