travels The Journey-Kate Vigil

starting at Troy
We sailed to Cicones. Were attacked on there horses
There were these flowers that once you ate them it made you forget what you were there for and make you want to stay there forever. Luckly I didnt eat any.
We ran into a cyclops in a caves and he closed the exit so we were trapped there. The cyclops ate some of my men as a snack and wanted to eat us all. We finally tricked him by blinding her and making are way out.
From the wind in the bag we were blown all the way to Aeolia.
Laestrygonians were giant people who ate people.
They came upon an island. Some of my men went to find food but they didn't come back so I went to go find them. I ran into Circe who was a witch. She had turned my men into helpless animals. I had something that wouldn't let the spell work on me. My men and I stayed there for a while till we desided it was time to leave.
Teiresias and the Land of the dead is where I went next and found out my fortune. I also found out who was going to survive the trip.
I was told to fill my crew's ears with wax so they don't hear the sirens. I was also told to be tied up because I would want to hear them really bad. The sirens made me want to stay so bad but we passed them so it was okay.
From what I was told it sounded like a better option to bypass charybdis. I was told that charybdis would destroy my ship.
We came upon a monster named scylla. The monster killed 6 of my men viciously. It was hard to watch. Scylla eat the me. It was the worst thing to watch in my whole life.
We went to stay at Thrinacia which is the island of the sun god. I told my men to not touch any of the cattle. We got stuck there a lttle by a storm. I left to across the island and when i came back I found my men feasting on the live stock. The gods got mad and killed all of my men.
I came upon Calypso. She was a nymph who wanted me to stay with her and not leave. But after a while she was told to let me go. She provided him with a raft and I left trying to make my way home.
I ended up on the island Phaeacia. I was found by the daughter of Alcinous. I tell them my journey and what has happened.
I finally reached Ithaca and had to get rid of the suitors. But then after all that i was able to live with my loving family again.


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