Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH

Overall I found this museum to be very visually stimulating as well as informational. It, to me, appealed to all different ages with its lifelike sculptures and information charts. The Butterfly rain forest was particularly interesting to me because of the number and volume of butterfly that surrounded me. The entire museum gave me a childlike vibe to it, it was full of information but it was presented in a simple and elegant way the child in me connected with.

I found the underwater part of the museum to be particularly appealing. This is a type of setting humans do not naturally get to see or experience, so seeing life such as a jellyfish up close was really interesting. I now understand the way that jellyfish move and survive in the sea.

The museum definitely gave me the opportunity to experience nature the way Leopold recommends through the butterfly rain forest. This part of the museum made me feel like I was at peace with the butterfly's and the nature surrounding me. As I went through this part I was astonished at how free the butterfly's were, just flying around not caring that there were people walking right through their home. Other people Loved watching the butterfly's, since you do not usually see that many all together, and it allowed them to truly connect with the creatures and with nature. This exhibit helped me be more aware of the planet and what we are doing to it.

The museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by showing us we are not the only people in this world right now, nor were we ever. Having the bones shown in the picture reminds me that we were not even here first, and we certainly are not alone now. This helps me personally appreciate the mystery of the natural world because the earth is a wonderful and majestic place. It can provide life to so many different creatures that can all coexist and have their own place and purpose in the world.

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