How did cuisine reflect Zurich over time? BY: Katy Benagh

Cuisine reflects Zurich over time through Swiss chocolate which effects the economy and culture.

-milk chocolate was invented in 1819

-in 1826 started making chocolate

-in 1845 first chocolate factory founded in german-speaking switzerland

-in 1867 chocolate factory founded in Vevey, Switzerland

-in 1899 Lindt and Sprungli AG founded

-switzerland was poor

-swiss chocolate is now world famous

-GDP makes roughly $632.2 million a year

-one of the most stable economies

"A lot has changed since then. And yet: Rodolphe Lindt's chocolat Surfin is still produced today based on the 1879 recipe and packed in the original wrapping. Because even though we are still driven by the inventive spirit of the pioneers, we know that connoisseurs all over the world appreciate traditional quality." (2017, 2015, Lindt)


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