Broken Bonds Writen By Heidi Diaz-Cortez

I can still remember that day just as if it was yesterday. My parents lifeless bodies on the floor. A huge “X” mark on each of their foreheads. The whole house had been left untouched. I remember how terrified I felt that day, I felt so helpless and alone. The police searched the whole crime scene, but didn’t find a single clue to who had committed the crime.The only thing I got was my mother’s red ribbon that she always wore. I was sent to live with my grandparents who took great care of me, but I didn’t want to forget. The thing I wanted more in life was to avenge my parents and find who murdered them. I wouldn’t stop until I found the truth.

Their murder was 5 years ago. I’m 21 years old and my name is Mina Hearts. I became a detective.People always tell me to that I should work with someone just in case. I always decline their offer. I wasn’t really a social person when I was little, so I’m not that good around people. I’m very independent. I never let other people boss me around. I got a black belt in karate when I was little, so I’m able to protect myself if I’m ever in danger. I work alone because I don’t like people getting hurt or getting in my way. I have been gathering information on the person that murdered my family ever since. I’m what you would call a private detective.

I only have one friend, and his name is Fabian. I knew him when I got into college. He was the complete opposite of me. He had many friends and was a very sociable person. I met him because he wanted to become a detective as well, but he joined a law enforcement group while I worked alone. We ended up graduating and becoming detectives. We parted ways, but we still kept in touch. We still talk just like in the old days, but we are too occupied with work to hang out.

Even when I was still in college, I was still doing research on my parent’s death. I was able to find more evidence than what the police could in less than a year. I was able to find out the person’s gender. It was a male because in my mother’s red ribbon there was a fingerprint that led to a male suspect. The fingerprint wasn’t clear, so I wasn’t able to get enough information on that. If only it was a clear fingerprint then I would have found the culprit by now. I also found out that the murderer that killed my family has also committed other homicides in the past year. I know because in each murdered victim there is an “X” on their forehead. The same “X” that was on my parents’ forehead.

All these murders must have been from the same guy. All I need to do is try to find his next move before he makes it. I was able to find that all the murder victims had something in common. They all had at least one child and they were always parents. In each case the child or the rest of the family wasn’t harmed. It was always the mother and father that were murdered. It was like the murderer only wanted to kill the mother or father.

I was able to find something out though. A few days ago I was able to get evidence from an anonymous source that the murder was staying in a warehouse, that was located in the wood, and planning his next move. All I need to do is to be able to catch the culprit and send him to where he belongs. While I was thinking of a way to be able to catch the man, I didn’t realize the a person had arrived to my office. It was Fabian. “Hi Mina, how’s it going?”, “Oh, Fabian I didn’t realize you were here, I was just spacing out, I’m sorry.” He just smiled at my response. “It’s fine, but what were you thinking about anyways?” I told him everything that I had found out and what I was planning on doing.

Instead of his usual smile he held a gloomed face. “What’s wrong?”, I asked and he replied with “I know it isn’t my business, but you shouldn’t do that.” I studied his expression careful to understand what he really meant. “I know it may sound risky, but I want to avenge not only my family, but the other children’s parents as well.”, I replied. “But who knows it could just be a trap to lure you in, you could get seriously injured!”, “ Maybe you should just let this go and let the police do it.”, “You may be strong, but you’re only one person, you know.” He may be my friend, but sometimes he really says things that make me just want to punch him. “I may be just one person, but this one person was able to find more solid evidence that a mere policemen ever could!” I snapped back at him. “I’ve been on this case for a long time now, and I’m not about to just give it up this quickly.”, “ I haven’t come this far for nothing, this could be my chance to finally be able to solve this case once and for all.”

All he did was look at me with an expressionless face. “Fine, if that’s what you want then do it, but don’t come crying back to me if you get hurt.”, he said. “I won’t because that’s not going to happen.” After that he just left my office, and didn’t look back. I’ve already made up my mind. I’m going to that warehouse.

It was starting to get dark. I decided to go at around night because it would be harder for the culprit to see me. The evidence was right. The warehouse I was told about was right in front of me. I decided to try and find another way to get inside instead of going in thru the front door. I found an entrance at the side of the building, so I decided to go inside. It was quiet and dark. The only light that shown was the light from the moon outside. I then heard footsteps from the far-side of the building. “Why are you trying to hide from me if I already know you’re here?” a voice that sounded all too familiar said. I knew that voice. I got out of my hiding spot and saw the person I would have never expected to see. It was Fabian.

“Fabian what are you doing here?!”, I yelled at him. All he did was give me a sinister smile. I felt a chill go down my back. “What’s wrong Mina, don’t tell me your scared?” he said with that smile still on his face. “No, don’t tell me you?” I was to stunned to even say it. “That’s right sweetcheeks!”, “I’m the man that has committed all those murders in the past few 5 years!” I felt my blood boil with every word he said. “Why did you do it?!”, I yelled at him, not even trying to hide my anger. “Why not?”, I just thought it would be fun!” he replied. “You took innocent lives away, you monster!” He started laughing maniacally.

“If I have to be honest, the reason I really did it was because I wanted people to feel my pain as well.” he said. “What do u mean by that?” i asked him. “When I was little my parents were murdered as well, it wasn’t fair that they had to put the case on hold because they couldn’t find any evidence!”, “I hated that they stopped the case just because they couldn’t do anything!” he yelled out in anger. “That’s when I decided to show people how it feels to have someone you care about be murdered and have their case be put on hold because they weren’t able to find anything!”, “That was my plan from the very start, but it all had to change when you came into the picture!” he said.

The way he was acting and speaking was different from the Fabian that I knew. This Fabian acted out of anger and pure rage. “You know too much already, Miss Hearts.” he said as he pulled out a weapon from his pocket. I felt my body stiffen. It felt like just one wrong move, and I would be a goner. “To bad Mina, if only you had listen to my advice then none of this would have happened!”, he screamed out. He started laughing at his own comment. When he looked up at me again, you could see the psychotic look in his eyes. He charged at me with his weapon, but I was able to dodged it quickly enough. “He’s fast!” I thought. I tried dodging his attacks, but eventually he was able to injure my right arm. I winced in pain as I felt the cut go thru my arm. “I’m not about to give up this quickly, I’ve already made it this far, I can’t let Fabian get what he wants!” I thought. Before Fabian could attack, I was able to kick him in the head, and was able to knock him out unconscious.

I was able to contact the police, and they were able to hand the rest themselves. An ambulance was called to treat my wound. The medics told me that the injury wasn’t that deep, so I would be fine. Fabian was put into custody, and is serving his time in jail for his crimes. If I have to be honest I don’t know how to feel. My best friend, someone who I had thought of as a brother, would be the one to betray me. I trusted him, and he just stabbed me in the back. I’m glad that I was able to find the culprit, but I wasn’t happy with who the person was. I really thought that Fabian was better than this. I guess sometimes the people you hold most dear are the ones that cause the more pain.

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