OshitCrys The Epitome of Homage Hip Hop

“OshitCrys” is a entertainer that captures any crowd. Crys is known for her gut punching lyrics, naturally striking appeal and her interesting way of leaving fans wanting more. OshitCrys is the Epitome of homage Hip-Hop as she embodies her lyrical predecessors. 2020 is showing maximum potential for OshitCrys.

Legend before her time!

OshitCrys grew up in a single parent home with her mother and two brothers. OshitCrys looked up to her brothers and would always try to out do them. She adopted her tom boy ways from hanging out with her brothers playing basketball, skateboarding and being all around competitive.

OshitCrys eventually moved to New York with her dad were she received her introduction to East Coast battle rap. After being seasoned by the NY state of mind, she returned to Los Angeles and began to “out rap” her peers in battles.

What’s New?

“Game Time” is the newest single by Big Crys. She effortlessly remains crowned the bar for bar lyricist.

Big Crys on the stereotypes of a female MC.

“People often criticized my work. Saying sh*t like, you cant win in a male dominated industry, you’re not hype enough, your cadence is lifeless, you should market yourself like so & so. The comments fueled my inner beast but most importantly, the naysayers influenced me greatly to just be myself. One day I said Big Crys, show up and shut them the f**k up”.