GLOWS: Galactic's Loyalty and Overall Wholesale Solution

What is Data and Why Is It Important?

Data is an encompassing term for bits of values: numbers, letters, symbols. Much like nucleotides in a DNA molecule or notes in a sonnet, they have the ability to create something powerful and beautiful, but just like those nucleotides and notes, they must be organized in a correct fashion. It’s only when data is organized in a certain way that it begins to be a part of something greater – information.

Data is the DNA of your business.

This is where GLOWS – Galactic’s Loyalty and Overall Wholesale Solution – comes into play. We take every day distributor data about warehouse withdrawal transactions, and we organize it in a way that allows us to paint a picture and tell a story throughout the supply chain.

GLOWS' Role in Improving an Incentive Program

GLOWS Communicates What's Important for Your Incentive Needs.

The GLOWS database receives the data in an organized manner, where it is processed by multiple algorithms that project that data as comprehensive reports. These reports allow insight into performance of SKUs, stores, salespeople, categories, and manufacturers. It also shows myriads of useful information from deficiencies and opportunity gaps to sales figures and market penetration.

GLOWS assists executives in making key decisions about allocating their efforts, maximizing their potential, engaging their sales force, efficiently coordinating deliveries, targeting specific areas, and more.

GLOWS & Data - A Beautiful Synergy

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As the program develops, GLOWS will assume more roles and integrate itself further into additional aspects of consulting and reporting. The insight into the data and its implications will be available, to participating parties, thus contributing to the value of the program and encouraging participation. That is the beauty of data – it is so basic and fundamental at its simplest level that what can be done with it is only a matter of imagination, a sense of purpose, and last but not least, structural integrity.

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