House on Vintage Road By Anna Brummal

My Name

In English the name Anna means favor and grace, which is very ironic considering I tend to trip over my own feet. My middle name, Lee, means dweller by the wood. It comes from the Old English surname Leah. And now for Brummal, or should I say Brummel. When my ancestors moved to the United States, they decided to “Americanize” our last name. When researching the origin of my last name, I’ve found that it originated for Bramhall in Cheshire, where we also held a family seat and had our own coat of arms.

My family named me after past relatives, who they loved. My first name came from my great grandmother on my mom’s side of the family, Anna Mae. Lee, my middle name, comes from Nathalee, which is my mother’s middle name and a cousin’s first name. My family decided since I looked so much like my mother, that I should be named after her side of the family. While I do look a lot like her, my personality is 100% Brummal, no doubt. The Brummal’s tend to be caring, wisecrackers, smart mouthed, quick witted people who love to engage in anything competitive. Whether it be any sport, card game, or even a simple game of trivia, we love to challenge each other to see who’s the ultimate winner.

I like the sound of my name, but I don’t believe it suits me. Anna means grace and favor, but the only time I’m truly graceful is on the gym floor when I’m playing volleyball and basketball. Anytime else, I trip over my own feet or other’s possessions that lie on the ground. Although I do believe in God, and worship him living up to the true meaning of grace. I can’t think of any other name that I would like to be called, but there are names that some call me that I could live without. Names like Anne, Annie, and the one that was a childhood favorite of the adults, Anna Banana. While these names were fun to joke around with as a child, I prefer to be called by my given name nowadays. The name my parents gave me will always remind me of family and how much they love me; I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Vintage Love

Back in the olden days, everything was simple. Back in the olden days, everyone knew everyone. Back in the olden days, life was better. No electronics to burden your days, no complexities over the phone. Vintage love is the love of back when everything was better. The clothing was better, the music was better, life was better. Sure there was a few struggles here and there, but that happens everywhere. But back in vintage love the people were nicer and the politics are fairer.

Vintage love. You can smell the scent of old. Old books, old worn houses, old people. Old smells like home, like comfort. Old is where the greatness was. You got to discover new animals, invent the next greatest thing. Vintage love is old, and old can be a great thing. Vintage love is where home is, and home is where the heart is. Vintage love is where the heart is, and is where my heart lays.

The Populars

Why do I have to be so smart? All I am to people is the girl that can help us with our homework. Populars be nice to me so they can use me and have me do the work they don’t want to. I know this is the only reason they hang out with me, yet I don’t care. It’s like I do this so maybe, just maybe they might like me. They might want me to be one of them. Almost no one knows I feel this way, and I like to keep it that way. I’m a pushover. I don’t want others to know because if they do, they never stop asking me about it and I’m just not used to the attention.

I stay in the background, where no one looks, where no one cares to think that they might want the same things they do. That’s why I couldn’t be popular. They love to be in the spotlight, to have everyone look up to them and want what they wear. Plus populars like to take control of the kids like me. They make us feel small, like we’re the rats that belong in the shadows. Populars think that we’re nothing more than their lowly subjects that are going to bend over backwards for them so they can get what they want. And what can we do? If we resist they beat and bruise us with their words so everyone knows that we tried to be more than the rats they think of us. Sometimes we succeed though, we make our voices be heard so everyone knows how we feel when they treat us like crap.

The Populars are dictators, tyrants, tycoons. They take everything that crosses their path, and when they can’t, they destroy it. They’re brutal in their ways and never show mercy. That’s why people supposedly “like” them, but no, they’re afraid of them so they laugh along to stay on their good side. The optimist say that there’s going to be someone that ends the suffering, but the realist know that it’s never gonna happen. As long as the tyrants are in power, nothing's gonna change. They can snuff out a rebellion as easily as someone blowing out their birthday candles. And this is how it’s been my whole life, and for as long as man can remember.


I personally liked reading the book, it showed us what Esperanza had to deal with and how she dealt with it. Esperanza did handle her youth very well I think, and Sandra conveyed that to us very well. So with her style of writing and all the figurative language she included, it was very enjoyable to read the book.

My personal vignettes have shaped my life by helping me become who I am. I've learned from them, and grew from them. I've been around people my whole life who like to keep living in the way they grew up with. That's where my love of vintage came from. Vintage decorations have surrounded me and I've grown to accept it, and eventually love it.

I personally haven't had to face the challenges that Esperanza did, but they did touch me. I know people who have gone through some of the things she did, and I've helped them talk through it so they could keep going with their life.

When I came of age, I finally started to fit into my body and my mind. My friends helped me as well, to get through it. My coming of age wasn't the same as Esperanza's, but it was a little similar. We both finally became comfortable in our surroundings and with our friends. I've also matured and became more responsible with my life and objects.


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