Girls Cross Country Captains By Hannah Mudry

Jaden Young

"I want to keep up the theme of this family-feeling we all have and I want to be encouraging for everyone and recognize when someone gets a personal record or accomplishes something because everything counts and makes a difference on the team."

Started running in middle school and carrying on through high school, she says running gives her a balanced mindset and releases endorphins.

Young finds running as a "stress reliever" and is always setting goals for herself. She says it's a fantastic feeling when she beats those records.

Outside of running, Young also loves art. She takes voice lessons and creates beautiful drawings.

Photo Credit Abby Messina

Brooke Iannone

"I want to show the team how to be supportive, but also competitive at the same time. I want to show them it's okay if you're not having the best day or the best race as long as you're there for one another."

Iannone has been running for most of her life and has made it her passion. She loves the people involved with the sport and the experience.

Her other passions include swimming during the winter months, working out, and participating in the Best Buddies program.

Photo Credit Jake Veillette

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