CNPS Bulletin 2020 | issue 17 | 11 december

Principal’s Column

Here we have it. The last newsletter for the year. We all have done it (almost done it). It sure has been a rocky road this year and all of us here at Coburg North would like to thank you for your ongoing support. There has been wins, and there have been losses. At the end of it all, we managed to hold our heads high and get through to the end. So, to all of you, our parents, our students and our staff, we sincerely thank you for sticking with us until the very end of this crazy year.

Although it is coming to an end, it aint over yet! With only 1 week left to go we will see... our Foundation Transition, Year 6 Graduation, student reports, the release of our very first VIRTUAL Student Led Exhibition, and the Year 6 Big Day in. Our teachers will be exhausted at the end of it all, but still smiling as we are all here to make the most of the rest of the year for our students. Please be sure to let thank our staff for remaining strong through a tough year and for not slowing down till the very end. I am so very proud of all of our staff.

Before we go, I have a few more announcements to make.


This weekend I was able to get to the Glassblowing and Pottery studio to see Ruth Allen create 2 goblets from glass for two of our students (see information in newsletter article). It was a great experience to watch and so very special to see our winners see their creations come to life. We would like to thank Ruth Allen for putting this together and creating memories for our students that will be kept for a lifetime. It was a fantastic experience that I would love to see again in the future.

Tutoring Program - Introducing STEM in 2021

As part of the DET tutoring initiative all schools have been provided with funding to allow for a tutoring program at the school. In 2021 we will be adopting a tutoring program that will allow our teachers to have a dedicated 50 minute period a week to work with students who fell behind in literacy and mathematics during RFL. In addition to the intensive session once a week, students will be seen as part of their normal literacy and numeracy program. We believe that this will be less disruptive for our students and more powerful by allowing our teachers to work with their students.

To make this happen, we will be introducing a fifth specialist that will allow teachers the time to tutor in two 20-minute blocks. The DET funds will allow us to run a STEM program, F-6 once a week. Lewis Bainbridge who will be returning from leave will be leading this initiative. We look forward to introducing STEM and holding a whole school STEM event in 2021.

Teachers Goodbye and Teachers Hello

The end of the year can often be bittersweet. It’s great to start thinking of Christmas and the holidays and time with friends and family, but it’s also a time when we say goodbye to other friends and colleagues.

This year we will be saying goodbye to a number of our staff, some who have been with us for a short time, and some that have been with us for many years. Although it is sad to say goodbye, it is also very heart-warming to know that they are moving on up and looking forward to experiencing new pastures.

Jackie Robertson and Sarah Tregonning

Jackie and Sarah have been instrumental in creating an amazing Italian program at CNPS. Jackie started our Italian program 6 years ago when there were less than 200 students. As our school grew, Sarah joined the team 2 years later and together they created an incredible Italian program that is well known throughout the North-West region.

Jackie has picked up a Learning Specialist position at the bilingual school, Footscray Primary. She will once again start up an Italian program from scratch and work alongside Italian teachers to adopt a bilingual Italian school. Sarah has decided to join Jackie in this quest and will continue to team teach with her at FPS. Their expertise was highly sought after and I have no doubt, they will bring great things to Footscray PS. We wish them all the very best at FPS and thank them for creating such a great Italian program at our school. This is a great opportunity for both Jackie and Sarah. This is a well-deserved promotion for both of our shining stars.

Jackie and Sarah will be replaced with Candice Vanzin who will be working full time as our new Italian teacher.

Lillian Hancock

Lillian has been at CNPS for over 6 years. Lillian has been an instrumental part of our staff through leading the school’s mathematics program for over 5 of these years. Lillian’s hard work and dedication has been rewarded with her promotion to become the Learning Specialist at Fawkner Primary School. We are very proud of Lillian in her accomplishment and wish her the very best for her leadership career at Fawkner PS. She will undoubtedly do great things for FPS. They are lucky to have another one of our shining stars. All the staff at CNPS will miss Lillian’s bubbly personality that brings everyone smiles and laughter on a daily basis.

Zoe Billing

Zoe has been at CNPS for 5 years. Most parents would know Zoe with her experience in the upper years, leading our 5/6 team and this year taking on the role of the Literacy Coordinator. Zoe is well known for her dedication to her teaching practice and her relationship with students to achieve their personal best. Zoe will be taking a year’s leave in 2021 to work at Westgarth Primary School. We wish Zoe all the very best for her new adventure at Westgarth PS.

Hannah Dallas

Hannah started her teaching career at CNPS. Over only 3 years, Hannah has brought so much to our school. She has led the string ensemble and just this year has promoted sustainability through our Nude Food campaign, our CNPS Sustainability Instagram, team Verde and has supported the school with the development of our school values and 6Cs logos. Sadly, Hannah has decided to work closer to home to save over an hour each day in travel. She has picked up a position at Altona Green PS where she will no doubt do amazing things. We wish Hannah all the very best at her new school.

Tamara Gray

Tamara started her teaching career CNPS 2 years ago. Although a graduate, Tamara has shown great strength in her teaching as well as her leadership in helping our school to establishing our School Wide Positive Behaviour framework and Matrix. Tamara has picked up a leadership position at William Ruthven Primary School as a Team Leader. We are very proud of Tamara in her accomplishment in such a short time and wish her the very best in her new leadership position.

Amanda Dawson

Starting this year, Amanda was put to the test to begin at a new school during a very difficult time (COVID lockdown). Amanda supported us greatly during the initial stages of lockdown putting her hand up to support our students who couldn’t learn at home. Her passion for student welfare was greatly appreciated during this time. We were very pleased to hear that Amanda has picked up her dream job position as a Welfare Officer at Thomastown East PS. We are very happy for Amanda and wish her all the very best in her new position.

Sandra Ali and Brett Bunyan

You may not have heard of Sandra and Brett, but they have been part of the CNPS family for a very long time. Sandra has been responsible for keeping our school clean for over 2 decades. She goes above and beyond and has made sure that our school is always well looked after. We received the news early this week of her departure and are saddened to see her go. Brett, her nephew who has been working with us for 4 years has decided to leave with his aunty to work closer to his home. Sandra will be looking forward to travelling back to New Zealand when the borders open to visit family. We wish both Sandra and Brett all the very best for the next chapter in their life. We will miss them both dearly.

Dan McCaig

Dan started his apprenticeship with us at towards the end of 2019. He has taken on a lot this year and his growth has been exponential. Dan has been responsible for keeping our IT systems up to date as well as developing our new website from scratch. Dan has also been responsible for creating our newsletter format, developing our systems for running our 1-1 iPad program, assisting with the Ozobot lunch club sessions and making sure that everything is organised technically. As Dan has finished his apprenticeship, he has decided to finish with us at the end of the year and move into working in the IT world. We would like to thank Dan for all of his work this year during his training and wish him the very best for the future. Dan will be replaced with a new IT apprentice in 2021.

New Teachers/Staff

To replace our teachers leaving we will see the new year with the following staff:

  • Natasha McGirr
  • Candice Vanzin
  • Jessie Wright
  • Grace Pear
  • Melanie Adams
  • Shannon Dowling

The following staff will be returning in 2021:

  • Lewis Bainbridge
  • Eva Norbury
  • Courtney Jory (commencing Term 2)
  • Carmel Post (commencing Term 4)

Stay tuned for our first newsletter in 2021 where we will introduce our new teachers to you.

Staff List 2021

As you may have already heard, staff have been allocated to their new/continued roles for 2021. Following is our staff list, with a few more to come in 2021.

  • Monika Gruss - Principal
  • Tim Prendergast - Assistant Principal (Operations)
  • Kyla Mamic - Assistant Principal (Wellbeing)
  • Kathleen O’Calaghan - Foundation A
  • Geordie Corbet - Foundation B
  • Marianne Roberts - Foundation C
  • Nick Baker - Foundation D
  • Georgia McNaughton - 1A
  • Michael Hill - 1B
  • Sarah Jackson - 1C
  • Grace Pear - 1D
  • Bernadette Maxwell - 2A
  • Jessie Wright - 2B
  • Sebastian Fitzgerald - 2C (Learning Specialist)
  • Nick Stubbings - 2D
  • Anna Lam - 3A
  • Natasha McGirr - 3B
  • Jacinta Fitzsimmons and Alyce Farrugia - 3C
  • Shannon Dowling - 3D
  • Melanie Adams - 4A
  • Simon Presiljak - 4B
  • Courtney Jory and Kristin Davis - 4C
  • Ben Smith - 4D
  • Stephanie Dimovski - 5A
  • Laura Mackinnon - 5B
  • Laura Rossi - 5C
  • David Bulley - 6A
  • Tristan O’Neil - 6B
  • Katrina Gouramanis - 6C (Learning Specialist)
  • Eva Norbury (6C and 2C)
  • Margaret Corzo - Art
  • Stephen Sharpe - Music
  • Gabby Young - PE
  • Candice Vanzin - Italian
  • Lewis Bainbridge - STEM
  • Sebastian Goder - Business Manger
  • Debb Davis - Office Manager
  • Stephanie Santoro - Office Assistant
  • Paul Sutton - Facilities and Grounds Manager
  • Joy Freier - Primary Welfare Officer
  • Primary Welfare Officer (Art Therapist) - TBC
  • Rita Arena - Library and Education Support (ES)
  • Sara Heal - First Aide and ES
  • Hein Thai - ES
  • Alex Spinello - ES
  • Apprentice Technician – TBC


So that is a wrap up for this year. I will send out another few posts on Compass to share with you some of our main events for next week. Thank you again for another year of support and understanding. Let’s all hope that next year will be COVID free and we can once again all be able to come back on school grounds.

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas and may all your dreams be bright!


Grant News

Local Schools Community Fund Grant

In December 2019, Coburg North Primary School was awarded a grant of almost $20,000 as part of the Australian Government’s Local Schools Community Fund Program. The grant was to support the school’s key objectives of improving student engagement and education outcomes by embedding the use of digital in teaching and learning.

Thanks to this funding, we have been fortunate enough to install new screens and increase access to digital devices in the specialist spaces and STEM room in our newly completed Booigigat building this year.

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to the Australian Government, Mr Peter Khalil MP for Wills, and the Local Advisory Committee for recommending our project for this funding and for their support in implementing this initiative.

COVID-19 Community and Business Development Grants

In September Moreland City Council announced a series of grants to assist businesses to invest in projects to stay viable through the COVID-19 environment and emerge stronger through the recovery phase. Coburg North Primary School partnered with Playground Ideas, a local non-profit organisation, and were successful in receiving a $2,000 grant to go towards purchasing a Nüdel Kart.

Nüdel Kart is a deconstructable, mobile play kart that can be reconfigured in endless ways to encourage self-directed learning. Playground Ideas delivered the Nüdel Kart to school this week and provided training sessions for students and teachers. The Kart is our first step towards equipping our STEM building with engaging and stimulating materials. A big thank you to Moreland City Council and Playground ideas for making this project happen!

Nüdel Kart also has an app which allows students to visualise a computer-generated Nüdel Kart in the real world on their (LSCF) devices.

We look forward to continuing to invest in digital learning and our STEM facilities in 2021 with the support of our school community, lots of fun and exciting learning ahead!

Summer Vacation Programs

OSHClub will be running a summer vacation care program from 4th to 27th January. Kelly Sports will also be running a program from 21st to 24th December.

Please find information sheets attached for both OSHClub and Kelly Sports detailing their program and enrolment process. These documents will also be available on the school website holiday program section: https://coburg-north-ps.vic.edu.au/holiday-program.html

If you have any queries about the programs please see provider contact details below.

Central OSHClub Contact Details (During School Term)

  • Customer Service Centre: 1300 395 735
  • Email: oshaccounts@junioradventuresgroup.com.au
  • Website: www.oshclub.com.au

CNPS OSHClub Holiday Program Contact Details (During School Holidays)

  • Program Co-ordinator: 0411 392 707
  • Email: coburgnorth@oshclub.com.au

Kelly Sports Contact Details:

  • Shane Oliver
  • shane@kellysports.com.au
  • 0432 522 829


Hello students and parents of Coburg North Primary School!

My name is Declan and I’m from Bicycle Network’s Ride2School team. I am the coordinator working with your school, to make it easier for you to ride a bike, walk, scoot or skate to school each day.

You’re so lucky to have a school that cares not only about academic success, but also your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s my role to work with each and every one of you to help figure out what you all need to start riding to and from school and support you along the way.

I will be your school’s number one supporter and encourager of active travel. It’s my hope to work closely with students, and parents and begin having conversations so you can all get the most out of this program as possible in 2021.

I’ll be working with the teachers in your school, but this really is a group effort. This will take all of us supporting and encouraging one another to be a happier and healthier community. It will be an ongoing, long-term and life changing commitment.

I would be very grateful if you could please complete the active travel survey below for me to gain a greater understanding of how to promote and support active travel for your school.

I’ve included my details below so as that you have the opportunity to get in touch and ask questions and to share your ideas and thoughts. Please feel comfortable reaching out, and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Declan Napier

Ride2School coordinator


School Council Meeting

The School Council met on Wednesday 25 November after the Annual Public Report meeting. The following items were covered during the meeting.

  • The 2021 indicative budget was accepted and approved.
  • OSHC legal responsibilities were discussed.
  • Sports Uniform for Years 5 and 6 was accepted and approved.
  • An update on 2021 school camps was provided.

Reports were provided by the Principal; Finance subcommittee; Education subcommittee; Buildings, Grounds, Sustainability & Playgrounds subcommittee; Parents and friends; OSHC subcommittee; Community and engagement team; and the Wellbeing team.

I would like to sincerely thank all School Council members and sub-committee volunteers for their dedication and hard work this year.

The next School Council meeting will be on Wednesday 24 February 2021 at 7pm. All are welcome to attend. Please notify the Principal (Executive Officer) at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, if you intend to come, via the school office.

Nicola Andrews

School Council President

Parents and Friends

Christmas Ideas

As you might expect, the pandemic has also stolen from us the cherished tradition of the annual CNPS Christmas stall, not only a cultural highlight but a financial one, as well, for the school. Thankfully, school parent Antonia Lawson has filled the breach with a handy list of handmade gifts and decorations, baking inspiration, what's on around Melbourne and some fun things to do during the holidays. I know it won't be quite the same as receiving a half-eaten piece of home-baking produced from the school bag on stall day, but should inspire hours of fun. Please see the attached flyer for details.

Heart of Glass

A huge thank you to glass artist Ruth Allen and her team at the RUTH glass studio for organising the recent goblet comp at the school, which attracted more than 130 entries. Congratulations to Maggie who won the prize for the Grade 3-6 category with her Rose goblet design. Runners up were Oscar (Clasp), Giada (Watermelon), Camille (wilba) and Siri (jungle). And a high-five to Willa who won the prize for the Foundation-Grade 2 category with her snake design. Runners up in that category were Matilda (Mr Eagle), Emma (Waterfall), Rose (caterpillar) and Tom (woof woof).

Parents of the runners up can collect their special prize from the office from Monday 14th.

Art Calendars Coming Soon

Meredith Dimsey, who has coordinated the ordering of the artwork calendars, advises that the calendars are in transit and should be distributed by early next week. Thank you to everyone who participated this year.


We sadly say goodbye to Signora Jackie & Signora Sarah who have taught our kids Italian but have also provided us with many laughs with events like the spaghetti eating competition. P&F have organised a thank you gift that you may wish to contribute to. Please see attached link.

Happy Holidays

The pandemic stymied most of our fundraising plans in 2020, but we still managed to host the odd initiative to either raise money or build community within the school. Thank you to everyone who participated, either by volunteering or taking part in those activities, whether it was growing plant seedlings, or taking part in our virtual trivia event. We look forward to a more active, more fruitful and more connected 2021. Happy holidays everyone, and look forward to our first P&F meeting on Monday, February 15.

Up Coming Events

  • School House Cup Mufti & Sports Day - Monday, December 14th
  • Reports sent out via Compass - Monday, December 14th
  • Virtual Grade 6 Graduation - Tuesday, December 15th
  • Year Six Big Day In - Wednesday, December 16th
  • Bags for Panels - Tuesday 15th December
  • Virtual Student Led Exhibition - Wednesday, December 16th
  • Last day of term, 2:00pm dismissal - Friday, December 18th

Community News

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