Interview with.. My grandfather

I interviewed my grandfather Giovanni Michieletto ..

His mother's name Acelide Gobbo.

His father's name was Adalgiso Michieletto.

His mother was born in 1900 and she died in April of 1994.

His father was born in 1894 and he died in January of 1960.

Giovanni was born in a big house.

Giovanni, as a child, played with the ball, hide and flag.

Giovanni had 2 brothers: Giovanni born and died 1928 and Alfina born 1929 and died on April 26, 2008.

John started working at 17 years by the trader of agricultural products.

Adalgiso first job was a dealer in pigs.

Acelide it has made all the housewife.

John went to school on foot.

Adalgiso had the First World War.

Giovanni in World War II was 7 years and 11 years had ended the war.

Giovanni was going to lead the chariot drawn by horses to transport the flour.

A Giovanni like the mountains rather than the sea.

To Giovanni like dogs and cats.

Giovanni skied and rode a bicycle up to Cortina in 37 years.


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