The Founding of America as a Christian Nation By Megan Murkerson

President Franklin D. Roosevelt told our country on June 6, 1944 that we need to pray for our county. He prayed to God and asked Him to give our men strength and faith as they fight in this battle. He asked God to help lead them to victory and the saving of our country.
John Adam was the sixth president of our country. He was great at writing poems, his poems transcribed form 104th Psamls. John Adams poems showed his full commitment and faith to God.
On September 24th, 1807 Thomas Jefferson signed a contract giving permission for the ship Herschel to port at London. When Thomas Jefferson signed this document he put "in the year of your Lord Christ." Not many official documents would put the word Christ after that statement. This showed you that he thought Christ was important for out country at the and that he truly believed, if he didn't he could have just put "in the year of your Lord.
People question if the founders where Christians or not. I would say yes because any person who was involved is something big like signing the Declaration of Independence, they all had something to say about their faith. Robert Treat Paine signed the Declaration of Independence said "I desire to bless and praise the name of God most high" and Charles Carroll who also signed the Declaration of Independence said "On the mercy of my Redeemer I rely for salvation and on His merits"
The importance of morality and religion in government was big, that's where we get some of our laws form like "Thou shalt not steal." They believe that our liberty depended on our education, laws and habits which they found threw religion and moral. Having moral come from what you believe in and religion helps guid us with out it this world would be crazy, men wouldn't know right form wrong. Charles Carroll of Carrollton who signed the Declaration of Independence said "Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime & pure"
Thomas Paine was one of the most least religious of our founding father, but when he said we can not conduct science with out God. The schools teaching astronomy, and natural philosophy as accomplishments are taught it wrong, it should be taught as theologically. Man didn't make or invent this earth, he can only discover them. Thomas Paine said schools teaching this way they stop short and create doubts of our Creater. Thomas Paine thought science should be taught as theologically and not a accomplishment.
In the article THE CHURCH AND THE COUNTRY you can see that the church was a big deal, it influenced the crounty greatly. The priest played a big role to because he was the person who would go beyond the church an care for people with their needs. People use to call us the America church. Churchmen said "the powers that be” as “ordained of God,” shows that we are each day growing more and more worthy of our claim to be called the American Church,". For men to say stuff like this clear sees that religion was a big part of our country when it was found
George Washington memory was preached on February 22, 1863. They said that Washington was a good man with very good motives. Washington was a man for good, and everything he had been threw he still kept his faith in God no matter what. George Washington was our first president to, I think its say a lot about how much faith contribute to our country.
In the sermon of Dueling Albany it says "We owe it, also, to God, that we forget not to intercede for our rulers." We need to obey God authority and goodness to us. The Dueling Albany tells us this that we need to pray for our ruler because civil government is form God. God controls everything we do and everything that goes on down here. We need to be thankful, and faithful to God. Many times in the sermonette said "we faithfully discharge this duty." Faith had a lot to do with the way the government was ran and you can see that with every point that was made.

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