Church Archetecture By Katie A McCarver 4/28/17

The narthex is a portion of the church at the west end, separated from the nave by a low wall or screen and reserved for people who were not admitted amongst the congregation.

The nave is the central aisle of a basilican church, extending from the the narthex to the transepts.

The tabernacle is a tower-shaped vessel for preserving and exhibiting relics and the Blessed Sacrament.

The lamp of the tabernacle will continually burn before the tabernacle, not only as an ornament of the altar, but for the purpose of worship. It is a mark of honor.

A baptismal font is a basin or vase, serving as a receptacle for baptismal water in which the candidate for baptism is immersed, or over which he is washed, in the ceremony of Christian initiation.

The Stations of the Cross is the series of 14 small icons or images depicting the Passion of Christ.

An apse is a large semicircular or polygonal recess in a church, arched or with a domed roof, typically at the eastern end, and usually containing the altar.

The priest celebrating Mass sits on the chair for the celebrant during some parts of the Mass.

A lectern is a tall stand with a sloping top to hold a book or notes, and from which a preacher can read while standing up.

A cloister is an enclosed space for religious retirement.

The sacristy is a room in the church or attached thereto, where the vestments, church furnishings and the like, sacred vessels, and other treasures are kept, and where the clergy meet and vest for the various ecclesiastical functions.

A dome is a rounded vault forming the roof of a church.

A transept is a rectangular space inserted between the apse and nave in the early Christian basilica.

A pulpit is a raised stand for preachers.

The altar is the table in a Christian church at which the bread and wine are consecrated in communion services.

The sanctuary is a consecrated area of a church or temple around its tabernacle or altar.

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