4A27 Suzy Summers

My Trip To America

My name is Suzanne Summers I came to America from Sweden. I traveled with no one I came to America in 1900 . I was in third class it was very smelly. Everyone slept on the floor and there was no bathroom or shower you had to go to the bathroom in the ocean. I was very lonely on the boat and by myself. The trip took about six weeks. I met a girl named Annie Moore she was also alone watching over her little brothers and her parents were not with her and that was horrible. I wanted to help the poor girl out so I asked her if she needed help she said that would be delightful so for the next three weeks. There wasn't a lot of food either. In the last week I found a little girl who was by her self she only looked about three and crying so I sat next to her and asked her what was wrong. She was so young so the only word I heard come out right was I lost . So I thought maybe lost her parents then she said left me here so then I thought maybe she came from a bad place and her parents wanted her to be safe so they put her by herself on the boat. But that couldn't be because I hadn't seen her before though so I thought that was odd but so what she was lost and needed help so I took her to third class and gave her some water. Then I went to go to the bathroom when I came back she had dissapeared odd right. So let me explain what she looked like she was very pale in a wrinkly pink dress she looked older than she was but definitely wasn't . When I came back she also left a bow and a note that said March 2nd, 1875. So I thought nothing of it but again odd. So after that I went to bed When I woke up the next day I found another note that had a picture of a little girl getting thrown overboard then I thought about something the girl looked awfully familiar then out of nowhere I thought of Mia which was that little girls name. It also had the same wrinkly pink dress that she had and the same bow that she left. A ghost I thought she kinda looked older than she was than out of nowhere Mia came there. She said you get my note Me ... A ghost I died 25 years ago but thanks for the help have to go bye.Oh my she really is a ghost thank goodness we are leaving in 2 days I thought. It was two days later and I hadn't seen her again but I was the last one out of the boat me and Annie Moore if you didn't know we were still friends the whole boat trip.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was the first thing I saw it was amazing and super tall. It had a torch in its hand . It was like a new world.


Now I live in Orlando and my job is owning Disney world Magic Kingdom.

*It is a monument

*It is in New York Harbor

*Wears a crown with 7 rays

*Holds a torch which means liberty

* I liked the virtual field trip

* The stops

* And my adobe spark


Ellis Island interactive tour

Brain Pop Jr Statue of liberty

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