Stuffed Animals By: Rachel k

The Stuffed Toy or Stuffed animal, is a toy made by attaching or sewing together Plain Cloth, Fabric, (sometimes a sock), or any soft thin material. Stuffed animals are usually made in many different forms, animals, the form of mystical animals, legendary creatures, cartoon characters, or just inanimate objects. Normally, Stuffed Toys are used to comfort, display, some are collected and most are given as gifts. They are often given to someone as a gift for Graduation, Birthdays, or Valentine's day.

In this life of the Stuffed Toys, there are THOUSANDS of different types of stuffed toys, maybe even more. One of these brands are called Pillow Pets. these are simply just stuffed animals that are made to be like pillows. Another type of plush toy that i think i should talk about is the Sock Animals. These are stuffed animals or toys that were made from sewing socks and making it look like animals or different toys. Many other brands include TY beanie babies, TY beanie boos, webkinz, Snuggly Pups and Cuddly Kitties, Aurora, Souvies, and many others.

Even though there are many different types of stuffed animals and brands, but the very first company to ever make a stuffed toy is the German Steiff company in 1880. Steiff used technology, new to the world kind, made for upholstery in order to make their plush toys. When 1903 came around, Richard Steiff created the soft bear that was different from the old traditional rag dolls, because it made of a more plush fur-like fabric. During this, . A rabbit character named Peter Rabbit, created from the author Beatrix Potter, had been the very first stuffed toy ever to be patented, this was during 1903.

When it comes to some brands of Stuffed Toys, they may have a game or something like that to lure kids into getting the product for the game. These include Webkinz, Build-A-Bear, and Club Penguin. Webkinz were made by Ganz in 2005. Every single toy they make has a Secret Code that unlocks a new animal for you to play with in their game Webkinz World. Club Penguin and Build-a Bear have online worlds that also have unlockable codes on their content. Back in 2013, Disney Tsum Tsum was the first collection of stuffed toys Disney ever had of their characters. These were also inspired by a popular app which just so happens to have the same name.

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