Parts that cOntribute to photosynthesis esmeralda soto

Lower Epidermis: Outer most cells on lower side that protect the leaf

Upper Epidermis: Outer most cells on top that protect the leaf

Palisade Layer: Elongated cells, upper middle, Photosynthesis

Cuticle: Waxy covering that regulates H2O loss/absorbation, protection

Stomate: Opening between guard cells that allows for gas and water exchange

Guard Cells: These cells surround the stoma and control its opening and closing

Vein: This is the vascular bundle. It contains xylem and phloem

Spongy Mesophyll Layer: These are irregular shape cells, lower middle is the section that stores sugars and amino acids, also allows gas exchange

Air Space: These are the spaces in the spongy mesophyll

Xylem: This part transports water and minerals from the roots and leaves by transpiration pull

Phloem: This part transports sugars made during the process of photosynthesis from leaves out in all directions

Chloroplasts: This is the organelle where photosynthesis takes place. It is a necessity to this process

Mesophyll: Its the middle layer that allows gas exchange to occur

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