National Economic Overview of Sweden by isaac mutch

About Sweden.

Sweden is in Europe, it's neighbored by Norway and Finland. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm is also the largest city in Sweden, the country's population is 9.799 million people. Sweden's currency is Swedish krona.

Economic History of Sweden

In 1790-1815 there was Agricultural revolution and Industrialization. From 1815-1850 there was Industrial revolution, regional specialization and institutional changes. From 1850-1890 Export growth, railroads and investment take off. From 1890-1950 Second industrial revolution.

Sweden's GDP

Sweden's GDP per capita is 50,272.94 U.S. Dollar.

Sweden's PPP

Sweden's Income per capita is 47,390 PPP dollars.

Sweden's Sources of Income

Sweden's main source of income is timber, hydro-power, and iron ore constitute the resource base of an economy heavily oriented toward foreign trade.

Sweden's debt

Sweden's debt is 43.9% of GDP as of 2015.

Sweden's Main Trading Partners

Sweden's mainly trade with Germany 10.1%, Norway 9.9%, U.K. 7.6%, U.S. 7.3%, Denmark 6.5%, Finland 6.2%, France 5.1%, Netherlands 4.7%, Belgium 3.9%, China 3.1%

Sweden's growth is slowing down and the unemployment rate is going every year. There repo rate is going down every year since middle of 2011.


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