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Look back to Transylvania, look back to your friends, and see your Home.

We in the Library and Special Collections have been busy digitizing sections of The Rambler and The Crimson as a window into our memories. These treasures are now freely available online in the Kentucky Digital Library.

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In addition to reporting strong enrollment, this 1965 issue of The Rambler gave an update on the construction of the Mitchell Fine Arts Center
In 1969, the paper reported on student achievements and planned Vietnam War protests in Washington, D.C.
Armed with torches, students marched to placate the spirit of Rafinesque in 1969
In 1970, Transy women were granted more lenient policies for checking in and out of dorm buildings
Students joined faculty and administrators in a peace vigil for the Kent State Four in May of 1970
In 1974, students pushed for reforms to curfew hours for Transy freshmen coeds
In February 1975, A panel of students met with administrators to improve dorm housing
The Rambler reported on an SGA proposal to upgrade campus security in March of 1980
Vice President George H. W. Bush was on hand for the rededication of the campus library in 1984
Increased enrolled prompted Transy to begin planning for a new dorm in the Winter of 1985
Front cover of 1965 Crimson
1965 title page
1970 photo essay
Student Life photo montage 1975

Expressions of the Transy experience,

relationships in and out of the classroom.

Student life from 1980
Editing content of The Rambler 1985
1995 photo montage
New student greeting 2000
225 Years of Transylvania

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