Denise Through the lens of Majorie Prophete

This semester Marjorie is starring as Denise in the play Orchestra Seats. The play itself is based on interracial couples and the struggles they face with dating outside their race. The play touches on identity and the internal struggle faced when you date a white person.

This image was our individual poster for the show and it was so weird but cool to see my face around campus

My characters name is Denise and she was the main character's best friend. She was dealing with being a black woman and feeling less than because she can't find love with white men or black men. It's just hard for black woman navigating social and work situations but it's also hard romantically. I can 100% related to Denise because she was kind of a hot mess but was making strides in her workplace despite all odds but the way she felt about love is the way I felt because I think it's hard to commit yourself to someone who you are not sure you can trust or will respect you

This picture was from the last rehearsal before opening night and I was just so happy and grateful to be apart of this play and so proud of my cast mates because we went through so much together

This was from a rehearsal that the director took. It was a scene that took place in the coffee shop (where drama was always occurring).
This was after the first fight rehearsal and I was super excited to learn all the techniques cause I've never been in a play that would require us to use a fight choreographer

I loved being apart of orchestra seats!! It was such a learning experience and it was so cool I was the first person to ever play this part so I could completely be free to make whatever choices I wanted. And also it was so important and so relevant to the times we're in especially dealing with the black lives matter movement and being a black woman in this day and age

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