Sandhya and Radha

  • both Sandhya and Radha had a great deal of frustration with white nonsense
  • they come from very different backgrounds; Sandhya was born in India and lived half of her life there, and Radha was born and raised in small town South Carolina
  • Sandhya, who was born in India and lived the first half of her life there, specifically expressed that she feels "most American" when she is trying to be someone she is not, and "least American" when she is being herself
  • Radha talked about how people judge her for her family customs and traditions (ex. she lives with her own parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins; she learned English as a second language)
  • both of them talked about how white people expect Indians to be naturally smart just by nature of being Indian
  • there's definitely strong correlation between being a minority and feeling "un-American" just for being yourself
  • to be nonwhite and to be queer and to be a woman is to break from "American" because to be American is to be white and conforming to Western expectations of gender and sexuality
  • this country is so racist

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