Effects Of Climate Change By: TrYstan theis

Definition Of Climate Change:

a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.


You might know sone things about climate change like how, the sea levels are going to rise, and how the temperatures are gonna rise. I will go more in depth in the effects of climate, and teach you the horrible reality.

Effects On The Forest:

The Effects of the forest due to climate change is not good at all. It will weaken trees across the world and about 25% of trees are going to damaged/unfunctional. That may not seem like much, but we rely on trees for oxygen, and having 1/4 trees being damaged, it will just further the Carbon dioxide in the air, and make climate change as a whole worse.

Sea Levels:

The sea levels will be horrible for the human race. By 2100 the sea levels are supposed to rise by 1-4 feet. That may not would like a lot but costal cities like New York, and Miami will be having huge flooding problems. And example of this is that the feet of the Statue of Liberty is expected to be under water.


Temperature rise has caused a lot of uncertainty when it co,es to our ecosystem and oceans. Our oceans hold 90% of extra heat. That extra heat will cause our coral reefs in oceans the slowly die off, affecting thousands of species in the ocean. The effect on land will be similar, due to the changing temperatures animals in colder environments are finding themselfs trapped because due to the decline is snow and ice animals can't do normal things they used to do. This all will eventually lead to lots of animals becoming extinct.


Due to climate change the weather patterns will likely change in many ways. There is expected to be a lot of droughts causing more wildfires, and more heatwaves. The northern part of the US (us) is expected to get more rain. And the southwest is expected to get less precipitation. And lastlay there are expected to be more intense hurricanes effecting our infrastructure.


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