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This the circumference of her stomach
They circumnavigate the Red Sea.
Dad told us that he circumscribed us from going over that line.
She circumspected that the lady is right there.
He is praying that a circumstance won't come if he eat this stale bread.
He circumvented the haunted house.
This dog just encountered with his enemy.
This picture is telling ways of compassion.
The lady lady had a spontaneous fart
I wish all babies have composure like this baby

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Created with images by Pexels - "advertising art blur" • superUbO - "per la vita che verrà......" • pedrik - "Nao Victoria" • Mike GL - "Here was a wall dividing city in two" • sasint - "hospital assistance care for" • fourbyfourblazer - "Prayer" • Aristocrats-hat - "Cruising" • 422737 - "water animal animal encounter" • Susan von Struensee - "compassion-k-by-susan-von-struensee" • Luis Alvarez Marra - "Spontaneous" • Shoes on Wires - "Rowan at Rest"

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