Featured Entrepreneur Fernando escalante

Carlos Escalante

How would you describe your business?

We train and run seminars for future aspiring politicians or current politicians, campaign managers who want to get the best education from people who are experts in their field.

Inter-American Center for Political Management

Can you give me an example of some of the experts you bring to teach at your seminars?

Sure, Caesar Martinez who's a good friend of mine from along time he is from Mexico and he's worked as Hispanic outreach for the Bush Cheney campaign of 2000 and worked with bush in 04, was a political consultant for the McCain Palin campaign of 2008, and the Latin Outreach director for the (failed) Jeb Bush 2016 campaign.

What made you decide to open your own business?

An idea that I had a passion for it was like a dream since I had worked with different campaigns in the past as a volunteer I wanted to bring my expertise to others and utilize my skills as I graduated in Business Administration and got a masters in Campaign Management I thought this could be a new and sort of innovating idea, to train others to become politicians, campaign managers etc in their respective countries.

Why did you choose this type of business?

Before I started it was something that I saw wasn't available in Latin America, I noticed how only the United States had this sort of seminars and teachings to Americans so I wanted to take this idea and use it for Latin America. I saw an opening to bring a new concept to Latin America and Spanish speaking people.

What were your start-up costs?

It was around $10,000

Where did you get the capital?

We had four initial sponsors who invested in our idea and then the people who continued to come back for seminars.

What were the major challenges you faced?

Making this new foreign concept work in Latin American and show people that it really works

How has the business/industry changed over your period of ownership?

Social media has changed the way politics and political marketing works so we've had to incorporate social media into our seminars, find new experts and see how social media affects policial campaigns

Where do you see the business/industry in 5 years?

Always growing with new seminars of what our students want and some more masters degree with our own institute

What demographics do you target?

Latin American politicians who have a degree, people who want to get into politics and want to learn more into the political world

How many hours a week do you work?

It all depends if we have a seminar which are 2 weeks so when there is a seminar it's about 50 hours a week, but this isn't my full time job, I'm also a political consultant which goes hand in hand with running the seminars. So when I'm in the middle of a campaign I'm out of the country for usually 1-2 weeks a month until the election.


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