The Harn Museum Makaida Todd

The Harn Museum of Art takes its visitors through a beautiful journey. The museum is filled with arts of different genres and cultures. This variety allows visitors to enjoy diversity and to adapt a more eclectic way of perceiving things. As with anything, everyone is going to have their own way of experiencing things. My experience to the Harn was enjoyable as I was able to view new pieces of art and formulate new perspectives.

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artists

I-95 Construction by Silvia Lizama, 1990.

This hand painted work, created by Lizama, conflates the ruins of yesterday and the construction today. This painting demonstrates the major Florida Highway, the I-95, before it was completely constructed. Her technique of depicting the old in order to appreciate the new is extremely effective. It relates to me by telling a story of rags to riches, a story I wish to experience. Seeing the I-95 as ruins is a personal reminder that with consistency and hard-work, you can successfully complete your goals. This artwork makes me feel hopeful.

Design of Museum

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing Rock Garden

The most appealing part of this museum is in the Asian Art Wing. In this wing, there is a beautiful rock garden on the outside. This garden was designed by renowned landscape architecture firm, Kurisu International, Inc. It is appealing to me the way the patterns of the rocks all had purpose. Finding purpose in nature is interesting. The use of outdoor space really contributes to a realistic nature feel. This exhibit made me feel really calm as it is an extremely peaceful, serene garden; I was even able to take a moment and meditate out there.

Art and Core Values

Family by Agustin Cardenas

Cardenas' Family appeals to one of my most important core values, family. In this abstract sculpture, there are two parent figures with a child sitting in the middle of their laps. Although my family is much bigger, this artwork's representation allows me to appreciate my family and how much they mean to me. This sculpture evokes an unwavering sense of love that I have for my family. My family has supported me and loved me through everything and this artwork has helped me appreciate that more.

Art and the Good Life

12th Annual International Festival of Masks-FESTIMA

As I walked through the museum, I could not help but to notice this beautiful video playing. The video is filled with many people at the Festival of Masks enjoying themselves; everyone genuinely looks as though they are having the time of their life partaking in the festival. When I think of the Good Life, I think of happiness and enjoyment, two emotions this piece of work embodies. When seeking the good life you may go through many trials and tribulations; however, the key is to maintain a sense of happiness.

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