The Boy and The Fish By: Henry Sheridan

Lost on the pacific ocean, sits a small wooden boat. The boat is occupied by me. My name is Jo. I've got a pet named Carl. Carl is a fish. Every day is the same on this boat. Not a cloud in sight, the sun burning my back, the smell of salt, the sound of small waves gently hitting the side of the boat. But today, the water was still, and the sky was full of clouds.

That same night, rain dumped down on the ocean. The waves were like buildings, towering above my tiny boat, as it got tossed around in the violent wind.

The storm reminded me of the time that I met Carl. It was in a storm similar to this one, Carl had swam up to my boat to help get me out of the storm.

I was scared. But I knew that I would have to say strong if I were to make it out alive. As I began to collect myself, I saw a wave. But this was no ordinary wave. This had to be the biggest wave I had ever seen, and it was headed straight toward me.

I couldn't move. I was so shocked by the size of the wave, I couldn't even stand up. Come on! I thought, I've got to do something! The wave was approaching faster every second. I was running out of time.

I didn't know weather to jump overboard, or try to stay in the boat. “What should I do? what should I do?” I said aloud. If I jump out of the boat, I'd lose the boat. But if I stay in the boat, there's a higher chance i won't survive.

I decided to jump out of the boat.

I got out just as the wave smashed my boat into a million pieces of splintering wood.

Carl swam his way over to me. I gripped my hands around Carl’s fins. Then Carl began to swim away from the storm.

Carl and I swam for what felt like hours. I was cold and hungry. Eventually we made it out of the storm, and were floating in the middle of the ocean.

With no sense of direction, we were even more lost than we had been before. I was engulfed in a thin layer of fog.

As I looked around for anything to climb onto, I noticed a little piece of wood on the surface. I slowly made my way over to it. When I got there I realized that the piece of wood was too small for me to cling to.

I looked around some more and saw large shape, unidentifiable in the fog. I got excited. “What could it be!?!” I thought as I swam toward it. “Maybe it's an iceberg!” The idea made me excited and eventually I reached the mysterious shape.

Then suddenly I knew exactly where I was. I buried my hands in the sand and screamed with joy. I flung the sand around and laughed. Then, exhausted, I collapsed. I stared up at the sky and breathed heavily. I had finally found land.

I got to my knees and looked up. Circled around me was a group of people, staring at me as if I was crazy. But after a few awkward seconds, a man stepped forward and held out his hand. He pulled me up off the ground. It was hard to walk because I had spent at least two months without walking on land. But I managed to stand up.

Then, the people welcomed me into their village, and I spent the rest of my life there. Every day I would walk out to the water and visit Carl. After all, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be standing here, telling you this story.

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