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On a hot, dry, sunny day in the Wyoming mountains, a swarm of bees were working feverishly.

First, they collect the flowers sweet nectar and second, they bring it back to their hive.

The bees live in an old, dead tree next to a farmhouse long ago left to stand alone.

Unfortunately, the family who once lived there had to abandon their home because all of their cattle was killed by predatory animals.

Over the many mountains and across the sagebrush plains is the nearest town.

Sighing sadly, the family had to leave their old home behind.

The two children, after working hard, looked at the wagon where all of their belongings

“Dad, where will we go?”

“Jackson Hole,one of the the biggest city in Wyoming, where we will make a new home.”

The dad said, “From there, we will be able to see the Tetons.”

A friend told me, that they are the grandest mountains in Wyoming

Skinner, who as lived in Jackson Hole his entire life, loves the area.

We shall arrive there in about 12 days, or on May seventh.

How come we don't go to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Dear child, we won't be able to make it there before the harsh winter sets in.

Inside the wagon, everything was stacked nicely as they went on their way.


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